Square Enix offers a free week of play to apologize to players

Final Fantasy 14 has been a bit of painful expectation for players. Certainly, there have been many new players and former who are back. But, it simply means that there have been problems that accompany it. Namely, the queues to get into play, the errors that the players have encountered and the expectations painfully long to just be able to play the new accessible. Final Fantasy 14: End walker in all its splendor.

Sia - Fly Me To The Moon (Inspired by FINAL FANTASY XIV)
And there are many people who want or wanted to play too. According to Steam DB, which follows the figures of various game titles on December 5, 2021, there were 95 150 PC players. This explodes the previous figures of the park, which were 67,148 in July 2021. This could be linked to the new extension or the fact that people want something much less embarrassing than the WOW franchise and his parent company for the moment..

Anyway, Square Enix noticed what’s going on and does not want players. So, for those who have an active subscription and who bought Final Fantasy 14: End walker, Unix offered a free week of play. In addition, the creator of the game, Naomi Yeshiva, apologized in the name of the game so as not to be able to meet the demand of the players.

On the entire FFI service, the number of simultaneous connections has reached the hardware limit and, therefore, the connection has taken an extremely long time, said Yeshiva. For that, I’m really sorry.

It also adds what causes various mistakes and how to solve them in an article reading all, which can be found on the Square Enix blog.

Have you tried to play Final Fantasy 14? Did you try End walker, or do you want? Let us know in the comments below, or catch us on Twitter or Facebook!

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