Launched at Thunder Tier One STeam of PUBG developed source Launched at STeam Viewing Tactical Shooter

A First Look at Tactical Top-Down PvP in Thunder Tier One
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Korean Indie Blooper Grafton, known for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, launched the new tactical shooter Thunder Tier One on December 7 and released the trailer.

This game is a single online up to 4 people, which will be developed from the perspective point of view, up to eight people match multiplayer compatible works.

The player lies in the elite special operation team and fights the terrorist organization on the stage of the fictional country Salonika in Eastern Europe, which is the 90s after collapse of the Soviet Union. In this work that has been developed in reality, the firearms are equipped with operability, effective range, accuracy, and damage to the object and the influence of the armor of the armor and the initial speed of the bullet. It is expressed that the influence of the weight of bullets is expressed.

In addition, customizations that can be selected for each mission, such as weapons and its attachments, bullets, armor, grenade, tools, and clothes camouflage per mission. After the release, the player also plans to handle Mods using Steam Workshop, which can create maps, missions, weapons and game modes.

The story campaign consists of nine missions, supporting a 4-person cooperative play, and a solo player with three AIs.

The match is an Advance & Secure aiming at a side that aims to escape with a target in a 4-to-4 limit time, and a EMAIL fighting on the side to stop, and a four-to-4 securing of a plurality of sectors ADVANCE & SECURE, Everyone with up to eight enemies are prepared for Death Match. In addition to this, up to 4 players cooperate to cancel explosives, and you can also play EVE mode Domination that intercept enemy AI.

Thunder Tier One that the PUBG developer developed in 2016 developed and completed, Thunder Tier One is being delivered for PC 2,050 yen at STEAM.

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