Capcom Dealing With Authorities In Japan To Obtain Children To Stop Smoking Weed

Cap com is collaborating with regional police in Osaka on a new campaign that will make use of Ace Attorney personalities to encourage youths to stop smoking weed.

Cap com is joining the Osaka Prefecture Police’s juvenile misbehavior avoidance recognition program for this effort. The author said it’s doing its component to suppress increasing marijuana abuse amongst minors with collaboration with authorities (by means of IGN).

Why I Stopped Smoking Weed!
Cap com is creating even more than 6,000 initial posters as well as 4,000 flyers about cannabis misuse that come with individually covered face masks. They will be distributed in Osaka at places like train stations as well as schools starting December 9. The posters and also leaflets will include personalities from The Ace Attorney Chronicles, which is the most recent access in the series.

As a matter of fact, Cap com has been collaborating with the Osaka Prefecture Police because 2013, along with authorities teams from other communities, to aid with criminal offense avoidance awareness campaigns.

This year, Cap com obtained a demand from the Osaka Prefecture Police to use personalities from the company’s preferred Ace Attorney collection for the very first time in their initiatives to protect against marijuana abuse, which has actually seen a noticeable shift toward younger age, Cap com stated.

In 2019, Cap com collaborated with regional police to make use of Street Boxer personalities to motivate youths to join to end up being police officers.

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