Capcom launches an anti campaign

As part of their efforts to promote a healthy and drug-free life, the Government of Japan has allied with Cap com to launch a campaign that will seek to combat the Cannabis Abuse within this territory. To do so, about 6 thousand posters and 4 thousand pamphlets are being printed and distributed with the characters of The Great Ace Attorney.

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This association between Cap com and the government has existed since 2009, and has always sought to promote topics such as the prevention of crimes, as well as the economy, the importance of culture and voting. However, this would be the first time that characters of Ace Attorney are used.

In the poster, it says HIGH! Marijuana steals you the future!, a series of penalties that you could receive for possession and distribution of the drug is listed. Japan is one of the countries with one of the strictest regulations regarding the use of cannabis, and remains illegal both for recreational and medical use under the cannabis control law. Possess this drug I could get in prison for seven years, while cultivation and import involve up to ten years in prison as well as a fine of $26 thousand 500 dollars.

This anti-drug campaign with the characters of ACE ATTORNEY will be present at Osaka, while the anti-crimes campaigns of Monster Hunter and Street Fighter will be displayed in other territories of Japan

Editor’s note: Although here in Mexico it could sound like a mockery that video game characters, or pop culture in general, for this type of campaigns, in Japan is something perfectly normal. Recall that gaming and anime are predominant in Japan, so using highly recognized figures would definitely give greater exposure and relevance to this campaign.

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