Adeyemi Hattrick at Salzburg s next party

Seriesmeister Salzburg has given no floors three days after the sensational eighth place in the Champions League for the annual financial statements of the Bundesliga. With an ice-cold finish, the good in the 18th round against the SG Tirol thanks to the gates of Capaldi (30.), Triple Shifts Adam (49., 80., 83.) and Orator (85.) 5: 0.

The lead of the leader on his first pursuer Hoffberger AC, who played in Hart berg 2: 2, grew to 14 points. Salzburg closed the calendar year 2021 with no home defeat (17 victories, two draws), which was also successful in 2013, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The SG conceded the second defeat in a row after 0: 1 against Austria Klagenfurt and missed the chance to jump into the top six. As with the three appearances in Salzburg before that, despite solid performance, the wheels were ultimately under the wheels: a 0: 5, 1: 5 and 0: 4 followed the 0: 5.

Salzburg coach Aisle sat on rotation

Karim Adeyemi is IMPRESSIVE in 2021/22!

Salzburg-Coach Matthias Visible rotated neat, brought in comparison to Seville six new: Minkowski, Capaldi, Diamond, Bernese, Adam and Seiko — making most of all midfield and storm almost completely rebuilt.

That did not change the fact that the bulls found dominant and purposefully, from Seiko also found two good chances. For both — after a long pass Minkowski (10th) or powerful start (11th) — WSG-Goalie Oswald was the place. Seiko also succeeded in the alleged 1: 0 (14th), which was not recognized because of the time of deferral after video consultation.

The SG was quite endeavored to make the impossible possible, as coach Thomas Sullenberger had meant before the game, and repeatedly recorded offensive actions. But flower aimed in the clouds (16th), Orion missed just a good template (18th), the Italian was blocked little later in a promising position of Elmer in the penalty area (20th).

Of course, nothing changed at the characteristics of the game, Capaldi then finally put the points on victory: After a quick ball gain in the midfield and Assist from Adam, the Argentinian retired and marked his third goal of the season. Shortly before the pause, Aaron son praised from the penalty area (44th), and Seiko failed at the solo on Oswald or in adoption on the rod.

Joker Adam on Fire

Hassle wanted more freshness, he brought the family forces at the pause Adam, Salad and Such. The coach did not have to wait long, four minutes later, Adam set to 2: 0. The previous one was a ball loss of the SG at the penalty area, which Oswald had still repaired with a parade against Seiko — Adam only had to dust. Little later Seiko Solo failed at his hesitation, Aloud Shared (54.).

The SG did not freeze in awe, above all Orion stepped up again and again. In the 56th minute defused sole the striker in time, later Kohn was short distance to the spot. The Goalie finally had no problems with a trial SERBS (68.).

But this was not rewarded, but rather, they made several Patzers, the Salzburg deployed ice-cold. Adam with the seasons 13 and 14 and also substitute KFOR according to Assist Adams provided the clear result.

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