PS5 Finally there are colorful side panels for Sony s console

A big desire of the PS5 community will come true soon. If you eat the side parts of the PS5 on the white, you can replace them against new and colored side panels. Matching it will also give new danseuse controllers in the corresponding colors.

PS5 gets colorful side plates

After Sony has quickly proceeded to all third parties of colored side panels for the PlayStation 5, the company meets the desire for varied designs now easily. The side plates will give it in five new colors, as well as other danseuse controllers in The same design will appear.

The five new colors are called:

Midnight black
Cosmic Red
Nova pink
Starlight Blue
Galactic Purple

Sony announces PS5 Colors!
The side plates are intended for both the PS5 with Disc drive and the Digital Edition and are offered separately for sale. A PS5 in these colors will not be in the trade for the time being, you can only buy the side plates and exchange with your white PS5.

How that works with the change, of course, you will learn from us:


PS5: Change, paint or buy side panels

Marco Tito Monica

Price and availability of colorful PS5 side plates

According to a Blog Post by Sony, the side plates will be available from January 2021 in Germany. (Source: PlayStation Blog). The price is at good 55 US dollars. However, the full color palette will not be published in the course of the first half of the year. At the start of sales in January you only have the choice between the color Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. The danseuse controller is already available in these two colors.

With the offer of own colored side parts Sony fulfills a great desire of the PS5 community. For third-party providers, Sony has been a court since the release of the PS5 and thus prevented the emergence of competitive products. So the company can now determine the price for the accessories desired by the community.

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