Dragon Ball Super Revealed the color of Vegeta Mega Instinct from his new state Ultra Ego

Veg eta, the famous Prince of the Sakhalin, finally discovers the color of his lBall Supert transformation mega instinct Ball Super part of his new state Ultra Ego at Dragon Ball Super. Thus hBall Super transcended through a new art full color filtered shortly before Jump Fest in Japan, where we will have new information about the new animated film of the franchise. But returning to Veg eta and the lBall Supert transformation of him, we finally know the official color that will wear his hair from the hand of Toyota, the cartoonist of the original sleeve written by the Akira Oriya.

A unique transformation in Dragon Ball

Thus, Veg eta will look a unique transformation in the series within the Sakhalin with a purple hair in its mega instinct version, Ball Super part of its new ultra ego state, a tonality that differs from the rest of fighters and grants a certain notoriety in front of his eternal rival and, in turn companion, Roku. And is that after the innumerable theories of the fans on the true color of the new transformation of him into the manga, finally we have the appearance of him colored from him.

Ultra Ego Vegeta's OFFICIAL COLORS REVEALED! His Hair is Purple?! | Dragon Ball Super
Yes, a purple tonality that acquires the characteristic pointed hair of him in its entirety, including the eyes, also in the same color. For the rest, we are facing the same physical changes already seen in the manga, from the disappearance of eyebrows in favor of eye bBall Superins similar to level 3 of supersaiyan to a considerable increBall Supere in muscle mBall Supers of your body.

All this Ball Super part of an escalation of power in the saga that seems to have no end and that allows its protagonists to continue raising their strength through the most varied transformations. This is the cBall Supere of Veg eta and the new technique of it that allows you to take advantage of the non-negligible ego of it to make it a central axis of the power of it. Will it be enough to overcome ROKU once and for all?

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