D sseldorf Prusser decides again for Wolf in the goal

Until recently, the roles in the Dusseldorf Tor were clearly distributed: Florian Tastemaker was the number one, Raphael Wolf had to go on. Only when Tastemaker on the 8th match day saw the red card, Wolf came to the move. And in the last three league rates, after Tastemaker infected with the coronavirus.

Prussian: How it continues after the winter break on the position, we will see

Also, on Friday evening to the return round trip of the Rhine countries against the SV Tannhauser (18.30 pm, live! At Raphael Wolf) Wolf will be the door again — though Tastemaker has completed a complete training week after his isolation. We feel that it was very stable with Raphael Wolf in the goal. He will be in the goal against Tannhauser, Presser said on Thursday at the press conference to the game. And also announced an open race for the indirect future: How it continues on the position after the winter break, we will see.

Also in the system question Prussian did not want to set. We can be able to keep up if we run with a threesome or square chain, he said. Against Darmstadt (3: 1) and St. Paul (1: 1) Prussian last decided for a triple chain. However, Prussian expects another game against the penultimate other than the top teams. We will get more possession of possession, and then we have to deal well.

VfL Wolfsburg - 1. FC Köln 2-3 | Highlights | Matchday 16 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Does Zimmermann find his place in a triple chain?

From the system question could also depend on whether Matthias Zimmermann will come to the beginning. For Prussian should resort to the last practiced variant against the VS, the right position would probably be occupied by Khaled Nary. For Zimmermann, who after his coronary isolation has a complete training week behind and burns on a deployment, would only be a place to find a place.

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