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UPDATE from 14 December 2021 : The WOW developers have been clarified again in the WoW Forum that not only the ministry tower is open until January 5, 2022, but all contents of Legion time immigration stay available until this date. Next to the tower, this also affects the weekly quest, the dungeons and mythical + content. Other events find how originally planned.

Original message from 11 December 2021 : Over the past few days, the WoW community has discussed a lot about tuning the time-immigration version of the magic tower. First, the veterans of World of Warcraft found that some fights were much crispy tuned, so in their original variant. Our editor Phil actually finds that very well and asked the WoW makers in his column for that please remain so. And then there came around that at some pieces of jewelry and commodities had to be made even adjustments because players benefited from a lot of effect.

In the night of December 11, 2021, but then the WoW devs with hotfixes showed that too hard may be too demoting too hard. They inherit some encounters: Cruel, Xylem and the corrupted risen, with which primarily healers have to be knocked around — we go elsewhere on the detailed hotfix info. And because the tuning seemingly, so banana was, the developers decided that the magic tower lasts you two weeks longer.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Timewalking Campaign Legion Leveling - Frost Mage

Manned tower until the first week of January

In the Hotfix clues of December 10, 2021, the WOW developers note the following: The Mage Tower wants To Remain Open For Play for Additional Two Weeks Beyond The Originally Scheduled Two Weeks. This Will be in Addition to All Other Events Already Scheduled on The Calendar. The Mage Tower wants NOW Close With Maintenance The First Week in January 2022. The In-Game Calendar Will Not Reflect This Change Until It is updated at A Later Date.

means: In addition to all other In game activities in December 2021 in World of Warcraft (Buy Now €14.99) If the ministry tower remains a maximum of 5 January 2022 early in the morning, so until the first maintenance work in January. Currently, you will not be displayed in the In game calendar. So if you have already shown FMO symptoms (Fear of Missing Out), because the tuning of the challenges has so far… Well… was challenging, then you now have two weeks longer the chance to stand your heroes!

Whether this looks something about it in any way that 2021 no WOW patch 9.2 appears any more, that would of course be pure speculation.

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