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Von AC 1 bis Odyssey - welches ist das beste Assassin's Creed - Frag Nart reagiert
In Ubisoft, the news that the core personnel related to the popular series such as Assassin’s Creed, PACA, such as PACA, etc. are being released, and they are shocked by gamers.

Last 20, the North American Economic Webzimoscience reported that a number of ubiquitous developers were discussed over the last 18 months. Based on this report based on the interviews of FBI Soft Employee, five out of 25 of the 6 core developers of the 6 core developers, and 12 of the 50s of the Assassin’s Creed Five in Shiva Montreal,

In the company, we proposed a wage impression to catch developers, but the debtors have left the studio for the reason for the controversy over the company, such as the occurrence of in-house sexual offenses. In fact, FBI Soft has been raised from last year, and there was a report that the executives made racial discrimination, and racing in the workplace. At the time, an employee who have been blinded are already known to have been left by ubiquitous.

Nevertheless, the development of the developer’s vessel is captured enough to be expressed in ‘EXODUS’. If this is true, ubiquitous can be said to have been faced with unprecedented crisis. In particular, Up. Soft Montreal’s workforce in core development studios can not be a serious matter. It comes to the key whether FBI soft, an unprecedented crisis, can find a solution.

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