The creator of the Mulana launches Medium

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THE MEDIUM - Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (4K 60FPS) No Commentary

Known for founding the Rigor Independent Studio, author of many flash games but mostly Maulana 1 & 2 exploration games, Tatum Nakamura is back with a new game that has just released on Steam and Switch.

Made with the Pixel Game Maker MV software, Medium-naut is a sci-fi action-exploration game with a touch of horror. We therefore forget the pattern Indiana Jones to embody the Yuri ISARA spirits, sent on the places of a large vessel failed on an unknown planet to recover the identifiers of the passengers, search their personal districts and understand the circumstances of the tragedy. On the spot, the player will be able to help the spirits of the deceased who are unable to leave, but this good action will cost a part of the vital energy of Yuri, which will therefore have important choices to do not to be poor Faced with creatures that swarming in the ship. Posted by Gotcha Games and developed by Blue Boss, Medium-Naut is available at the launch price of 11.24 euros.

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Medium-Naut — Launch Trailer

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