Bayer Leverkusen Rudi V ?ller expects long-term whereabouts by Florian Wirtz

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Managing Director Audi Roller von Bayer 04 Leverkusen expects a long-term whereabouts of the 18-year-old Florian With at the Herself.

Not only by the contract situation, also through the trust we have built to him and his family, we know that he is in good hands here for a few more years, said Roller the build. We want Florian stays with us for a few years now. This is important for us and for the whole Bundesliga. And I believe that it is also his plan.

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With ‘Treaty in Leverkusen runs until 2026. With outstanding achievements, he already made interesting for larger clubs. In the current season, With recorded eight goals in 21 competitive games and eleven Assists. This development baffles me, said Roller.

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