The Developers of Monster Hunter Rise break the details of Sunbreak in the spring

With the new year that is fast approaching, Monster Hunter Rise fans are probably looking forward to having more information about the Port Monitor Hunter Rise PC to come in January. The most exciting news, so far, that the players have received is that PC players will receive the Sun break extension at the same time. Now, the developers of Monster Hunter Rise turned to Twitter to give a little more information on the upcoming extension.

In a tweeter of Sun break’s director, Yo shitake Suzuki, players get their first glimpse of Sun break news from Game Awards earlier in the month. Suzuki explains, in the tweet, that the development team intensifies to share new revelations in the spring of 2022. In addition, a tweeter of the developers told players to stay attentive for the spring 2022.

Previously, the last overview of the future extension player was in the form of a trailer at Game Awards. The trailer shows a new beast to hunt and teases players with a summer exit 2022 for the Sun break extension. Although the trailer is short, she gave players a little glimpse of a new outpost, Delgado, projected under the sun’s rays.

The PC port of Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled for January 22nd. Sun break’s trailer planned the exit of the extension for a while in the summer of 2022. What are you most excited to hear about Sun break? In your opinion, what revelations do you allude? Currently, Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switch.

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