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Joseph Lee Burrow, born December 10, 1996, in Ames in Iowa, is an American Football expert gamer. He plays the Quarterback setting for the franchise of the Bengals of Cincinnati in the National Football Organization (NFL).
At the college degree, he played for Ohio State Buckeyes (2015-2017) as well as LSU Tigers (2018 and 2019). With the Tigers, he won the 2019 National College Championships played versus Clemens’ Tigers. On the 2019 season, he makes greater than 5,600 yards in the past, and also he signed up 60 Touchdowns by the pass, which comprises the record over a season in NCAA Division I FBS. He has won several awards and honors for these efficiencies, consisting of the Heisman Prize and the Maxwell Honor. Lots of sporting activities journalists think about that its 2019 season is just one of the most effective ever before made by a college quarterback.
It is picked as the initial total option at the NFL Draft 2020 by the Bengals of Cincinnati.

Chase the Chiefs steals the show

Last week Joe Burrow had put an appearance for the history books and his Bengals thus brought closer to the step for the first AFC North triumph since 2015 a large piece. A week later, was his wide receiver JA’Mary Chase, the quarterback still knows from common LSU days, your turn.

The 21-year-old that is recorded in high-class away from the start duel with the Kansas City Chiefs (11: 5) incredible 266 Receiving yards with just eleven catches — including three touchdowns, one of them for single 72 yards. At the same time gave chase its colors so despite initial 0: 14 and 14: 28-residues always in the game.

In order for the rookie and first-round pick made this James (fifth place) crazy the whole defense of the Chiefs, added Kansas City to playmaker Patrick Mahomes (259 yards, two TD’s, no interception), the first loss after eight victories in a row to and bagged for Cindy also one ahead of the first AFC North win since, 2015. By the way Chase had 266 Receiving Yards two new records in one: Never had previously a player of the Bengals more in a game — and never before an NFL rookie had more in a match.

Brady comeback after Brown barrenness

. And was to break suddenly back 10:17 – 17 in this Week The reigning Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay had in weak throughout the season New York Jets ran: the Buccaneers (4 12) were really surprised

On top of that came in the third quarter still to but repeated Posse to Antonio Brown, the enfant terrible of the NFL. The wide receiver had suddenly frustrated been shown on the sidelines, his clothes got rid and had left half-naked.

With all these adversities, the Bus were doing overall extremely difficult, especially since the Jets (4:12) knew to surprise as rank outsiders sometimes also with naughty trick moves. But the last word should once again the seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady have. The 44-year-old caught his account after initial interception ultimately to 410 yards and three touchdown passes and found his final Traumas receiver Cyril Grayson, who sent turned into the end zone and so the 33-yard TD pocketed.

Rams pull Ravens but Not the tooth

Worse was the stint with the Baltimore Ravens (8: 8): do not start for the Los Angeles Rams (4 12): Quarterback Matthew Stafford, besides his famous class when distance casting also known again and again in his career for Schnitzel, threw directly to start an interception. This was carried back even as a Pick Six of Safety Chuck Clark, who was equal to catch even one interception of Stafford little later, into the end zone.

Could thank the team for his mistakes at the end: quarterback Matthew Stafford. Getty Images

From the setbacks (0: 10 and 7: 13-residues) But L.A. could not be stopped, the team bit his rather back into the game and finally won Barchart with 20:19. Odell Beckham Jr., who turns up again when the Rams as opposed to ex-team Browns, bagged one minute before the end of the watch the important one touchdown. Then shortly afterwards Star linebacker On Miller stopped the Ravens offense, the non-field goal near brought the strong and very long distances City Chiefs Justin Tucker so times more rudimentary in.

Miami Dolphins vs Tennessee Titans Live Streaming Watch Party | NFL Week 17

Raiders get their play-off chance

In the battle for the finals took place in the early hours of Sunday layer nor for direct comparison between Colts and Raiders. After a sleepy start of the home team from Indianapolis (0: 10 and 3: 13-residue) primarily the playmaker recently diagnosed with Corona and against non-vaccinated Carson Went improved. So did the Colts (9: 7) at the end until 20:20 approach, let the guests from Las Vegas but still a little time on the clock. And knew the (9: 7) Raiders to use especially with a powerful receiver Hunter Renfrew (76 yards, one TD). They worked their way across the field, at the end of reliable City Chiefs at the end of the clock could then turn to 23:20.

Pretty little Giants

A fully used by evening were still alive, the New York Giants (4:12). Retired long ago from the play-off race, the proud G-Men went with quarterback Mike Lennon into the race with the also no longer present in the final race Chicago Bears (6:10). Lennon himself but should ensure to the rest of New York that already in the first two quarters happened a single sporting horror. The playmaker looked directly at the beginning of an interception and managed in the first 30 minutes of this game only one completion. In terms of passing yards it was to break even minus 16th

It was not better afterwards: The Giants were simply not grown of the task, went with 3:29 Baden and finished the game at the end with minus ten passing yards. Lennon itself allowed a total of two interceptions with only four attached players.

What else was going on?

With the New England Patriots is right in its first NFL season in the play-offs: Mac Jones. Getty Images

A wild snow have had to survive the Buffalo Bills in Western New York. The team from the AFC East trumped after a weak start (Safety reached by the Atlanta Falcons) but reached and reached the first touchdown to the 7: 2 shortly before the end of the first quarter. The team did not take this advantage anymore, although playmakers Josh did not make a touchdown pass and was intercepted three times. But the quarterback ran twice into the end zone.

With the victory over the Falcons, which in turn could not maintain their still small play-off chances, the Bills also underpinned in the Division in front of New England Patriots. A victory was necessary because the Pats in turn mastered the home game task against the Jacksonville Jaguars — and like: New England (10: 6) Around Rookie Playmaker Mac Jones (227 yards, three TDS) shoveled the overburdened guests around First Overall Pick Trevor Lawrence (193 yards, a TD, three int.) A so-called 50 burgers on the plate. After all, seven offensive touchdowns was ultimately a 50: 10 success including play-off ticket to beech.

Close to a final participation are also the Philadelphia Eagles (9: 7), which solved their away task at the now finally excreted Washington Football Team (6:10) with 20:16. Running Back Boston Scott convinced with two touchdowns.

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