Rummenigge over Hoeneß: That impressed me

70 Years of Uli Hoeneß - The Documentary | FC Bayern
When Karl-Heinz Rummenigge at the age of only 18 years came to Bavaria, he could hardly believe his luck. I’ll never forget, says the former Munich board boss to the Uli Hoeneß, that I was allowed to sleep in bed next to UPI hotness in bed before the first match, he became my double room partner. And so two have found each other who should sustainably write and shape the history of today’s record champion.

One of them, honorary president UPI Honey, celebrates his 70th birthday this Wednesday. Of course, there are congratulations from his decades-long partner. The manager UPI Honey was a gift — especially — for FC Bayern, says Rummenigge, but also for the Bundesliga. Much was professionalized and pushed by him.

He did not shape a fight — internally not, externally not.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge over UPI Honey

He had been a pioneer in this football business. And a supporter of the club, as the ex-CEO knows. That impressed me. We always had a common interest: to defend the well-being and woe of FC Bayern, says Rummenigge: He did not shape a fight — not internally, externally not. Not in his uniqueness and also in His independence, as we experience him today, would not give Honey without UPI.

Honey was always a friend, even if we sometimes had different perspectives, says the former Bavaria boss and recalls, I called him before Christmas, so he was still 69. I said, ‘I wish you and I wish you Your family beautiful Christmas and a happy new year. ‘ And finally, I told him: ‘I’m glad and happy that we have fallen back to old class.’ And thus all former inconsistencies cleared out. ‘Now I wish him all the best.’

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