Respectfully : Watzke wants to abolish name the team

Perhaps one ought to stop calling the group ‘the group’, claimed the Managing Director of Borussia Dortmund the mirror. It is disrespectful to all other effective teams.

Wake, that belongs to the DFB Presidium as a DFL Supervisory Board from 11 February, is as a result planned to use an abolition of the advertising name. I’ll at least stimulate that.

Wake: DFB hectic insufficient with football busy

The DFB has been a lot as well much with yourself in the previous couple of years. One point: We have too much better present our national team.

Bailiff yet had actually hung on the term and described an independent investigation, which he goes to high approval in young individuals, ladies and also abroad. At the exact same time, the national team has actually been seeking to reveal even more fanny once again.

The team as a label for the German nationwide team was presented in 2015 lead by DFB Director Oliver Bailiff and also had consistently created criticism — particularly after the historic Globe Cup from 2018.

The Twist Check of the Globe Cup prospects: That is crucial? That needs to combat?

Maybe one should stop calling the group ‘the group’, stated the Managing Director of Borussia Dortmund the mirror. It is rude to all other effective groups. One point: We have to better existing our national team.

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