“Rainbow Six Seed” Y6S 4.2 Designer Note Published Published-Moving Speed Decrease Delete from Concussion Effects of Zofia

Dubai IMHO has published a designer note on the next update Y6S4.2 of the tactical shooter Rainbow Six Sense .

Three operators for which balance adjustment has been announced with this note. This seems to reduce the change in the current situation where the World Championship Six Investigation 2022, which will be held from February 8, 2012, and to reduce the changes so that the meta-environment is not significantly changed..

Operator balance adjustment

Ar uni

  • Add Muzzle Brake to MK14


  • Damage to FO-12 to 35-25

  • Reduce the amount of damage change of FO-12 extended barrel

For the console version player FO-12 tends to be frustrated, so we adjusted the amount of damage on all platforms.


  • Delete Moving Speed ​​Decrease with Concussion Effects of GIZMO Main and KS79

Movement speed drops are removed for reducing screen shaking effects of the concession effect performed before. This is to reduce the frustration for the player and give the opportunity to deal with the effective player.

In addition, we publish data such as picks, winning and BAN rates for each operator in Y6S4.

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