Mushroom Wars 2: All trophies and success at a glance

In this Trophy Guide to Mushroom Wars 2 you will learn:

  • Which trophies you can earn you
  • How to unlock all successes
  • How to get 1,000 gamer score points

Mobile phone gamblers, PC gamers and switch owners can have gambles 2 for several years. Since January 13, 2022, the second part of the fungal wars is finally also for PS4, PS5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X / s.

As always, you can get trophies or points for your UNDERSCORE on the respective consoles for completing certain tasks. What Achievements there are and how you get them, you will learn here.

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So many trophies offers Mushroom Wars 2

With just once 17 trophies Mushroom Wars 2 significantly fewer successes than many other games. As with its predecessor, this time no platinum and gold trophies are available in the PlayStation versions. But that does not mean that trophy hunt will be a breeze, because the challenges to exist are quite crisp.

On the PS4 or PS5, the trophies are divided as follows:

  • 13x bronze
  • 4x silver

If your Mushroom Wars 2 on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S you must also collect 1 7 successes to bring your gamer score to 1,000 points.

Mushroom Wars 2: All bronze trophies

If you’re surprised, why our trophies list at Mushroom Wars 2 is in English this time, then you are not the only ones. Even with German language selection in the game and on the console, the trophies and successes remain in English. Apparently there are no German translation . But because it is quite simple tasks, you should have no understanding problems.

With the bronze trophies you can expect many tasks that you probably concluded by the way. But there are also hard challenges on you, such as collecting all campaign stars. For this you have to complete any mission on the highest level of difficulty.

Name Description Trophy Gamer score
First Steps First Multiplayer Game Victory! Bronze 50
Genocide Destroy 10,000 units with Towers. Bronze 50
Cliffhangers I’ll be back! Bronze 50
The Path of Judo Complete Episode 1. Bronze 50
Pahoms Glory Complete Episode 2. Bronze 50
One Hundred Collect 100 Campaign Stars. Bronze 50
Halfway Through Get 200 Campaign Stars. Bronze 50
Generalissimos Get All Campaign Stars. Bronze 50
Mushroom Rush

HAVE 1,000 of your troopers on the battlefield.

| Bronze | 50
Just Luck? |

Win in Multiplayer Having Only One Building.

| Bronze | 50
Power Overwhelming | Get 5 stars of Morale in Battle. | Bronze | 50
Undead | Capture at Enemy Building Without Having Any of Yours Captured. | Bronze | 50
Locked and Loaded | Get The Maximum Attack Rating. | Bronze | 50

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Mushroom Wars 2: All silver trophies

The four silver trophies deserve you by using every hero once in multiplayer, ten multiplayer games wins, 300 opposing buildings take part and the tutorial completely closes. With a little practice, all this should not be a problem. And so you are practically ready.

Xbox Locker may look forward to about 1,000 points for your gamer score. Although PlayStation gamers do not get gold or platinum trophy, but at least can collect a few bronze and silver trophies.

NAME Description Trophy UNDERSCORE
Gotta Catch’s All Use Each Hero in multiplayer. Silver 80
Commander Win 10 Times in Multiplayer. Silver 80
Conqueror Capture 300 Enemy Buildings. Silver 80
Every Lesson Learned Complete The Tutorial. Silver 110

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