LOL: This is the most unjust position of the game according to a Riot Games employee

One of the eternal debates in the community of League of Legends is the power of different positions. All players have their own opinion on what is the most decisive role in a game and demand Riot Games based on these beliefs. However, it is very likely that this way of seeing it has prevented us from fixing on the other side of the balance: Which one can most easily make to lose a game?

The key piece of League of Legends teams

In addition to being responsible for the launch of Zero, August is one of the developers of Riot Games with fewer problems to deal with the community. A situation that we often see in the personal streaming of him, where he answers the questions of his viewers about the design of League of Legends or his opinions of the game. One of them was precisely the one we have just raised, and the ‘Rioter’ good had no trouble answering: The standing position is that in which under no circumstances you want to have a bad player.

According to August, having a bad player in the support of Support is One of the situations that will most likely make us lose a game . The developer does not think it is the position with the most impact on the game. Rather, he plays the role as The basic operating pillar of a team. Without them, it is difficult to articulate group plays since in most cases they have the key initiation or protection tools. However, they are not a guarantee because Once you have a good support you depend on the rest of the players at the height.

In fact, the support role would be the most unjust of League of Legends . For August, the data demonstrate that it is the position with less impact when it comes to winning. In this way, all the responsibility they have can not be captured positively. As for ‘Oilier’ games, the best alternative would be the Mid-Lane. A little behind would be as many jungles as shooters, while the Top Lane shares last with the Support.

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