Fortnite introduces huge drugs and restores a cult location

Okay, it may be much told. Nevertheless, Twisted Towers is a well-known place in Fortnite, which is the main place for landing players thirsty. With subsequent seasons she went to NIMBY, but now Epic Games decided to restore her. And it’s practically unchanged!

Fortnite at all goes to some classic at all. For example, a grenade launcher returned with a few changes in reactivity! Bullets are now exploding after the first reflection and fly more directly towards the opponents. A temporary mode was also announced, offering access to old weapons. Did less than 5 years on the market are a sufficient time so that you could say that somewhatTheTyTheBysTheSema ?

In addition, the Fortnite appeared huge, Lookalike Creatures Colombo, which are said to be peacefully set1. Provided, of course, that we do not attack them. You can also climb the tail of one of them to be thrown up through the breathing hole. Alternatively, I feed Colombo, because then with gratitude sneezing items.

Damn, I would play in Fortnite, but without building…

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