Sony did not increase the production of PS4 due to the scarcity of PS5

Sony has responded to the reports that suggested that the company was producing more consoles PlayStation 4 to deal with the shortage of PlayStation 5 . Talking with the Japanese portal NLAB , a spokesperson of the company mentioned that it was never within its plans to stop the production of ps4 at the end of last year, and certainly are not producing more of these consoles for Compensate for the limited availability of its new platform.

On the one hand, producing a million ps4 but would not mean too much in the great scheme of Sony , as well as generally speaking, the Japanese giant has always supported its systems for a long time. Of course, the previously mentioned report provoked all kinds of social networking reactions, and many users came to criticize the phrase of Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment , by saying that we believe in generations. He also came to think that this would mean the release of more Cross-Gen games.

And then we have the case of Microsoft , who confirmed that the production of the family of systems Xbox One ended at the end of 2020 to focus on the new xbox X | s series. However, the signature of redmond is dealing with the same problem of Sony : the lack of chips and microcomponents that is affecting practically the entire technology sector, and that is drastically slowing production of these new consoles.

Editor’s Note: The situation is definitely rare, since on the one hand it would make sense that Sony will increase the production of PS4, especially if we consider that Games such as God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West will reach this platform. And it is that until date, getting a PS5 remains a quite complicated task.

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