LIVE! The Titans get into the play-offs

The two weeks break after the end of the Regular Season had used the titan’s success trainer Mike Variable to get fit for everyone forward Running Back Derrick Henry. The absolute star of the open lake had known the last nine games with a footprint – and the league still completed with nearly 1000 yards among the top 10 runners.

The question about this Divisional Matchup with Cincinnati County: How fit Henry really was? Could the top-shaped, unstoppable athlete really fit again immediately – and with a plate and five screws in the foot?

The answer was waiting because his quarterback Ryan Tanneries came from the two-week football break. Directly with the first action after seven-played seconds, the playmaker threw in the arms of Bengals-Safety Jessie Bates, which was converted from the attack Cincinnati’s directly into a Field Goal from 38 yards to 3-0 by Goal Evan McPherson. And because the next drive the host in the sold-out and loud Nissan Stadium passed a sack at the third attempt, the false start was perfect – 57-yards-pass by Joe Burrow on Top Receiver JA’Mary Chase Plus the next Field Goal of Goal McPherson to 0: 6 inclusive.

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2: Divisional Duel Deluxe

Pure tension! In episode 2 of the new NFL podcast Icing The Goal in cooperation between the Goal and footballing, we look at the Divisional Games duels in the play-offs. Four K.O.-Games are on the NFL program next weekend. Death, Shaun, Grille and Luce analyze each 1. They look at the most important key duels and the X factors and at the end of their results. The next episode of Icing the Goal – this time about the championship games in the NFL – there are already coming Thursday. Photo Credit: Imago / Yuma Wire

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Henry makes attentive

The only thing that made the Titan’s hope for this committed first quarter: the own defense deals with strong Tackles Burrow & Co. very much and did not allow a touchdown. So this duel was still completely openly, openly open, which should rank from Bengals view… minutes before the break it ran out of Tennessee for the first time – and in the end King Henry ran hermit personally after a snap directly to him Over three yards in the Endz1. However, coach Label decided for a two-point conversion, which failed, which is why it went on with 6: 6. Wouldn’t the extra point for almost secure 7: 6 have not been the better choice?

Interception here, interception there

Of course, it was quick that this touchdown was the breast of Titans not necessarily counted, or the famous momentum took their side. Because while Challenger Cindy first turned the third Field Goal through NFL-Neutling McPherson from 54 yards to 9: 6 and conjured directly to the rest after the break a touchdown drive conjured on the lawn (Running Back Joe Nixon marched for 16 yards to 16 6 In the end zone), Tennessee Quarterback Tanneries allowed himself after an actually strong Drive with a rolling machine run literally through opponents from d’onto foreman directly his second interception.

But somehow the Titans remained in this sometimes turned game full of defensive race on both sides in the race. What a Field Goal to the 9: 16 port also under powered as the fact that the often from his O-Line Bengals playmaker Burrow in his first NFL year and in his first play-off game directly after The Field Goal of the homeowners in the first play of the following Drive also fabricated an interception (strongly caught of Free Safety Mani Hooker). And: Tanneries immediately used this faux pas of his opposite freezing cold, threw a touchdown pass for 33 yards to his top receiver A.J. Brown, who finished the backward running only with his left hand very casually as spectacular and so brought the 16: 16 compensation on the way.

From the other top receiver, ex-Falcon Julio Jones, was quite little to see (only six catches for 62 yards).

Burrow About Goal McPherson: He has ice cream in the veins

The fourth quarter should therefore bring about the decision – and still the defensive rows were strong. Just the front Seven of the Titans showed smeary, overrun the O-Line Cincinnati’s like a bulldozer and should miss Quarterback Burrow as a whole next to Big Pressures nine (!) Sacks – set play-off record. But because it also reflected the defense Henry & Co., the 16:16 was still deep in the fourth quarter. The tension crackled.

Was completely mercilessly abandoned by his offensive line: Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. Getty Images

It suddenly looked at this incredibly intense game (Burrow following CBS ) after a success of the Titans, who held the ball shortly before the end and could position Goal for a final Field. But a pass from Tanneries was distracted by Corner back Eli Apple and incredibly muted 20 seconds before the clock expires for the third interception of the playmaker (caught Linebacker Logan Wilson).

Now Cindy could put the watch for a final Field Goal in good field position with two spending. And Rookie Goal McPherson, who had opened this curious game, made sovereigns of proud 52 yards. A shot in the heart of the titan’s heart and its fans, of which many extended time shocked on the ranks. Bengals-QuarterBack Burrow, who had no world-moving state-of-the-world’s world-flaken state-of-the-art day (no TD, an int.), Had the sack-slaughtering actually survived with a victory and the entry into the AFC final. The Sophomore, who was the only quarterback since 1970 a play-off game with nine-conceded sacks still ended with a victory, also knew how he is for the preservation of the super-bowl dream and the Mammoths Why Not Use? Had to thank – at Goal McPherson: Pub… We have found a way. In the end he came in and showed why we hold so much of him. He has ice in his veins. This boy is incredible!

On the other hand, of course, disappointed Titans stood, where the comeback of Henry (20 carries for 62 yards and a touchdown) did not have the greatest surcharge – and in which Tanneries simply made a mistake too much (220 yards, a TD, three Int.). But Head Coach Label has its shares in it: would have gone to the former linebacker and three-time super-bowl champion (each with the New England Patriots) after the Henry Touchdown on the extra point, would only have to be played out at the end. Maybe that would have been enough for the entry into the championships.

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