WoW Patch 9.2: You get these cool mounts at the Chairman in the Raid

The mysterious land of Earth Morris is full of wonders and secrets. There are all kinds of strange plants and creatures. Some of them are perfect as future companions, mounts or pets. Towhead Datelines have discovered two new mounts on the WOW test server, which are linked to specific successes. Both mounts are not animals, but for filigree machines, which are perfectly perfect for the design of Earth Morris.

New aircraft for mythical boss success

The first mount is a wind-cut aircraft that gets you as a reward if you defeat the champion master in the mythical level of mausoleum the first. The drop rate is 100 percent, but only until the next WOW extension appears. The chance of mount wills then most likely fall to one percent.

Enigmatic and aloof, this construct of the first ones flow on a graceful stream of perfect geometric understanding.
Source: drop: the jailer
Difficulty: mythic
The Mount Earth Overseer gets her if you defeat the Chairman in mythical difficulty mode of mausoleum the first. Source: Towhead

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Mechanical spider for heroic boss success

The second mount gets her via fractal cypher of the carbonized zerethsteed. The source is not yet known. However, it belongs to a quest series, which starts with this item: Carbonized Bromoform. This mechanical spider presumably gives the players when they have the success of the time: the Chairman, Oval completed. These achievements are only available in heroic and mythical RAID difficulty mode, and they are only available until the next raid or WOW extension appear.

The Few of Thesis Mysterious Creatures That Remain Appear To Be Imposed Old, Almost Timeless. PERHAPS THEY WEE CREATED by The First Ones, BECAUSE No Schematic To Synthesize Thesis Has Yet Been Discovered.

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