Ski Alpin: Vlhova leads to the Kronplatz in the giant slalom of the ladies

Ski runner Petra Altova from Slovakia lies at the World Cup Giant Slalom at the Kronplatz. The 26-year-old has after the first round of 0.34 seconds ahead of the Swedish Sara Hector. Mikaela Shirin from the United States, which leads in the overall World Cup, has 0.59 seconds backwards before the second run at 13.30. German athletes were not at the start.

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Ski Alpine: Ladies Giant Slalom at the Kronplatz – Top 10

Place Name time
1 Petra Altova 0: 59.98
2 Sara Hector \ + 0.34
3 Mikaela Shirin \ + 0.59
4 Marta Passino \ + 0.61
5 Marina Gasienica-Daniel \ + 0.65
6 Federica Brig none \ + 0.70

7 | Reigned Mowinckel | \ + 0.74
8 | Tessa Morley | \ + 0.82
9 | Alice Robinson | \ + 1.10
10 | Katharina Troupe | \ + 1.46

Ski Alpine: Riesenslalom of the ladies on the Kronplatz – Live ticker for reading

Ski Alpine – Giant LADOM of the ladies: at 13:30 clock it goes on

For the moment we say goodbye to the giant slalom of women at the Kronplatz. At 13:30 clock continues with the final. Until then!

Ski Alpine – Ladies’ Giant LADOM: Only ISIN at the front

In the Swiss team it is only Michelle ISIN, which is relatively far behind. With position elf and 1.50 seconds behind it goes nothing more towards the podium. Behind it nothing happens before 22 Camille Last is followed. Simone Wild is 23. Andrea Kellenberger was in 27th place in the final and also for Vanessa Jasper (30th) was scarce.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Troupe Best Austrian

In the team of Austrians, Katharina Troupe is a tenth at halftime on the best position. The residue to the podium is already at almost one second. Could convince Elisa Porringer. For her, a higher start number was still on 13th place 13. Stephanie Brunner and Katharina Feinberger will take the final of the positions 16 and 17. The remaining OSV runners have left.

Ski Alpine – Giant Slalom of Ladies: Altova leads to halftime

All athletes are in the first passage and great surprises did not exist anymore. After a pass on the Kronplatz, Petra Altova, which had the best chances of winning. The Slovakia used the perfect piste at start number one and delivered a technically timeless run, which brought your position 1. 0.34 seconds behind her Sara Hector lurks her chance in the final. 0.59 second residue has Mikaela Shirin from the USA. Marta Passino is in front of a local backdrop fourth before Marina Basilica Daniel from Poland and the Italian Federica Brig none.

Ski Alpine – Giant Slalom of Ladies: Lorna Zenger (Sui)

Lorna Zenger goes as the last Swiss race. Can she do something in the direction of the final? No. Already in the flat section, the distance is huge and clear that it will only be a training trip here. The young athlete ranks beyond the top 50.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Vivianne Harry (Sui)

And also for the Swiss Vivianne Harry, the thing is done quickly. After a cautious ride is no more than rank 44 possible.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant LADOM: Nina Aster (AUT)

Nina Aster is still missing on experience and there is Kronplatz, of course, a completely different house number. She quickly has a big residue will leave us.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Vanessa Jasper (Sui)

The next Swiss sweeps out of the stalker and will try to attack the top 30. Until the steep slope, it is in the timetable and also in the middle part she remains on course. After a carver, however, she lets it right at the end and ends up as 30th on the spinous seat.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant LADOM: Franziska Grit sch (AUT)

The next Austrian is with Franziska Grit sch below, but it will probably not be with the second round. She is 30th and remains only a starter in front of her, she would have left too. Ricardo Hera was just flown out.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Elisabeth Apparel (AUT)

Elisabeth Dapperer is quickly a residue. The long injury break shows clearly in your run and with position 38 in the target area will be in the final only in the audience role.

Ski Alpine – Giant Slalom of Ladies: Thea Louise Stjernesund (NOR)

Thea Louise Stjernesund is the next starter, which can get something out with a high start number. The Norwegian is really close up and with a courageous ride in the middle section jumps out with 1.63 seconds behind the 14th place in the intermediate standing out. The cheers in the target area is huge after finally putting together in the first passage.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Hilda Lovely (SWE)

Hilda Lovely also starts really well, but then comes the failure at the Sweden, and she can say goodbye to the competition.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant LADOM: Elisa Porringer (AUT)

It’s about! Elisa Porringer shows that it still goes with a high start number! The OSV runner is long close and can not be impressed by a thick patter in steep! She holds full on it and is rewarded with a great 13th intermediate rank.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: The Top 30 are below

The top 30 are below. Petra Altova is the one who is considered today. Slovak, opened the passage with a courageous and technically error-free running. Only 59.98 seconds had you needed for your ride. 0.34 seconds behind her Sara Hector lurks her chance in the final. Already 0.59 second residue Mikaela Shirin from the USA. In the sum, it is only a few who can do something here. The intervals have risen quickly on the selecting piste.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Clara Darren (FRA)

There is the first failure! Clara Dire has early problems and in the light-shadow section, it finally twists it, and it leaves with a lot of stirred snow.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Estelle Alphard (SWE)

Estelle Alphard is the one who pushes a little later Huber already on the 29th place backwards. But you will not be satisfied. The technical deficits to the world top are recognizable and introduce them a residue of over three seconds.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant LADOM: Katharina Huber (AUT)

No, it’s just not the day of the Austrian. Katharina Huber is the next starter who has a lot to fight on the slope. She starts neat as it goes into the steep slope, but does not come much anymore. According to place 28 in the intermediate ranking it is probably nothing with the final.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant LADOM: Simone Wild (Sui)

Simone Wild drives on safety and the 28-year-old sets very wide swings. As a result, of course, it does not come on train and the residue grows over the entire run. With 21st 21 can hope for the final, but it will have to get started early.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Andrea Solar (SLO)

Andrea Solar also does not manage to underbid the two-second brand. It currently seems like it’s all about qualifying for the top 30 at all.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Andrea Kellenberger (Sui)

Andrea Kellenberger in turn already loses a lot in the upper section. She is very careful on the way, goes very well and goes with a lot of residue in the steep slope. There, the distance then continues to grow, and she arranges in place. Now you have to wait if it comes with the final passage.

Ski Alpine – Giant Slalom of Ladies: Tina Robin (SLO)

Of course, the matter is not easier here. The sun rises higher and deviates the slopes. There are also significantly larger shadow sections in the steep slope. Here Tina Robin has a lot to do after she had delivered a perfect idea in the breeze. So you have to tremble if it goes out with the top 30. Currently, it is 22.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Paula Molten (USA)

It goes well for the US American, but then skin also with her the steep slope! After a mistake, it is completely out and can not repair it anymore. Paula Molten will annoy himself, because there was really what possible.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Maria Therese Tiber (NOR)

Are still good times possible? Most recently, the runners have quickly got up neatly on residue. The Norwegian is no different. Although it goes courageous, but will not be rewarded and is in the finish almost two seconds behind the leader.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Camille Last (Sui)

Camille Last comes here with a great seven place from the last giant slalom here. The Swiss starts well, is tidy, but then she also has too much respect in the shady sections and lets with a blow lying powerful time. Rest is the next runner who has to go far behind.

Ski Alpine – Giant Slalom of Ladies: Coralie Wrasse Somber (FRA)

Since the respect was just too big. Coralie Wrasse Somber drives in the steep slope really wide sweeps, and so she has nothing to do with the top ten then!

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Ana Buck (SLO)

The starters are now seriously difficult. Ana Buck starts well when it goes to the steep, but the mistakes are pilots and so the 28-year-old must be cut with a place far behind.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant LADOM: Ricardo Laser (AUT)

Big disappointment for Ricardo Hawser! The Austrian, who did not manage the Cut for Olympia, is fast back quickly and ends at the end behind Nina O’Brien.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Nina O’Brien (USA)

At the same time, it is currently not possible to go much and for the runners it is likely to be more likely to get a place among the top ten. Nina O’Brien will not succeed. The American is really heavy in her run, vision struggling with the balance and still lands behind Greater.

Ski Alpine – Giant LADOM of Ladies: Valerie Greater (CAN)

In Franziska Gorey, the young Canadian could float with a great fourth place. But today you also lack the determination on the selective course on the Kronplatz. Like many most recently, she quickly has the residue that continues to grow. She has to sort in the last place.

Ski Alpine – Giant Slalom of Ladies: Mind First Boltzmann (NOR)

Mind First Boltzmann is at the start with an injury to the calf leg at the start, and you can also see it. In the sum, the Norwegian is very careful, do not put everything in their run and finally ranked past troupe in eleven.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant LADOM: Meta Throat (SLO)

Isn’t much in it anymore? Meta Throat has her problems early and can not do much in the direction of the front places. That’s not how it works with her in the top ten.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Katharina Troupe (AUT)

So far, it was not for the OSV women at all, Katharina Troupe can change this now? No, even with her the residue is already there early, and she does not really find her position. At the end of your run, a second is missing in the direction of podium.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant LADOM: Stephanie Brunner (AUT)

Poo! Stephanie Brunner is a giant spacing at the first meantime. Then she makes it better, but just does not seem to find in her rhythm. With 1.75 seconds behind it goes back to the penultimate place.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Reigned Mowinckel (NOR)

Reigned Mowinckel starts with a good speed and is just, just behind Altova when it gets steeper. How is she right there? First. She goes courageous and clever and remains close to three tens of tin. In the final rope but nothing seems to go at the Norwegian, and it lacks lightness. The residue grows to 0.7 seconds.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Marina Basilica Daniel (POL)

After a short break due to technical problems with the time display for the international TV picture, it is now going on with the next starter. Marina Basilica Daniel from Poland is very neat in the shallow and also in the steep slope, she delivers a decent presentation. They introduce their fifth place in the intermediate rating.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant LADOM: Alice Robinson (NZL)

Alice Robinson already affects much more bold and goes with a lot of trust to the material and your skills in the run. At the top she is on it, but below she has no chance and for smaller mistakes she also loses in the direction of Altova. Position Seven is first to be booked.

SKI Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Katharina Feinberger (AUT)

And also at Katharina Feinberger does not fit together. Feinberger needs some goals to find their rhythm and when it goes in the steep slope, the attack is missing. Self-confidence in the direction of Olympia this run will not have been brought. She still ends behind ISIN.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Michelle ISIN (Sui)

Now it is true for Michelle ISIN. What can she bring in the slope today? Not much. ISIN has already come up with the top of the flat so her difficulties at pace, looks a little tired and shakes after 1.50 seconds behind disappoints his head. She is already clear behind the competition!

Ski Alpine – Giant Slalom of Ladies: Tessa Morley (FRA)

The Frenchwoman could take the victory in the last season, but today it becomes harder. Above, Morley is still on it, but in steep she has quite bigger problems. You sit too far back, the turns can not be clean and is 0.82 seconds. The disappointment is to be regarded in the target area.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant LADOM: Sara Hector (SWE)

Sara Hector came from the ashes this season as Phoenix. Is she now the one who can demand Petra Altova? She puts really strong again and leads after the first intermediate times with a projection of 0.20 seconds. In the middle part, you then cost two smaller uncertainties time, and it’s still behind Altova. But everything is possible in the final. In the sum that was a good time of the Swede.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Mikaela Shirin (USA)

Mikaela Shirin crashes himself as the next runner out of the stalking and too she does not seem to come. Although the American is technically clean, but does not risk too much and after smaller mistakes in the steep slope and other turns are already a backlog of 0.59 seconds to be booked.

Ski Alpine – Ladies Giant Slalom: Federica Brig none (ITA)

The next Italian runner is already on the way. Can she displace Altova from the top? At the top she is perfect and approaches the Slovak. But then she slides away, the speed is gone, and then she hardly has a chance and stays over a minute.

Ski Alpine – Giant LADOM of Ladies: Marta Passino (ITA)

Marta Passino will certainly not be completely satisfied with your run. The Italian has fast residue to her competitor and increases more and more over the course. There she was much less fluid on the way as the runner with number one.

Ski Alpine – Giant LADOM of Ladies: Petra Altova (SVK)

It is arranged and Petra Altova plunges itself as a first athlete in the slopes. The Slovakia has a little to do, but remains well and also masters the steep slope with many light and shadow change. A 59.98 is available from her to start. Let’s see what the whole thing will be in the end.

Before starting: The run in the first pass has set the Norwegian coach Janna Harlan. A total of 44 goals has set Harlan and in particular the transition to the steep slope with a tendency of 61 percent, the athletes should demand on the technically demanding runway. The second pass will later set US coach Mike Day.

Before starting: German athlete you are looking for in vain in the start list today. The giant slalom is not the specialty of the German drivers and after the counties in the previous races are always small, one does not dispense with the Kronplatz to send a starter at all.

Before starting: The Team of Switzerland is listed in the absence of Wendy Goldener and Lara Gut-Behrami by Michelle ISIN, which, however, has not yet proven much countable this winter. Also, Camille Last wants to take a good result today. Andrea Kellenberger, Simone Wild, Vanessa Jasper, Vivianne Harry and Lorna Zenger complete the bid in Italy.

Before starting: Katharina Feinberger was just, just past the podium this season in giant slalom, and thus she has certainly to penetrate the possibilities forward today. In addition to her, Ricardo Hawser, Katharina Troupe and Stephanie Brunner anticipate something on the Era slope. Katharina Huber, Elisa Porringer, Elisabeth Apparel, Franziska Grit sch and Nina Aster complete the quite large bid from Austria.

Before starting: Sara Hector has already won two races this winter and stood on two other competitions on the podium. No wonder so that the Swede is launching the favorites list today. Next to her, Tessa Morley, Mikaela Shirin and Marta Passino should be considered. Also, Petra Altova, which goes to the track with start number one, will calculate opportunities on the podium.

Before starting: Two days after the Super-G in Corina d’Mezzo, the ski trucks are again used in the north of Italy. However, the speed specialists today have a break, asked the technicians. In giant slalom, the German Lena Burr is one of the top drivers. The native of Munich is currently in four in the Giant Lalomwelt Cup.

Before starting: The 1st passage is opened at 10.30 clock. At 1.30 pm the 2nd run goes off.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the giant slalom of the ladies on the Kronplatz (Italy).

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Ski Alpine: The stand in the World Cup of the ladies

RANG | Name | Punk — 1. | Mikaela Shirin | 981 2. | Petra Altova | 929 3. | Sofia Loggia | 769 4. | Federica Brig none | 609 5. | Sara Hector | 582 6. | Ramona Siebenhofer | 533 7. | Lara Gut-Behrami | 518 8. | Michelle ISIN | 485 9. | Elena Burton | 458 10. | Corinne Outer | 438

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