The rumored Remaster of Chrono Cross would be revealed in February

Since last year, a possible Remaster of Throne Cross has been talked about, which was supposedly to be revealed during The Game Awards 2021. Obviously this did not happen, but a new track suggests that the rumored title Finally it would be announced next month.

Via Twitter , Samundri Matsuda, composer of Throne Cross , said that if we are lucky, one of the projects could be revealed next month. Previously, it was filtered that Matsuda , together with other musicians, were already working on a remaster of Throne Cross , but until date this remains unable to one hundred percent.

This thanks will be returned with my work. At most (and if they are lucky), we will be announcing a new project the following month, so please sphere it.


For all that has been revealed on this project, it seems that it will not be exclusive to PlayStation and will be available on all platforms. In case you do get announced in February, then we should not surprise us if you even come out this year.

Editor’s note: I think that remaster does exist, and finally we will know it in February. I would have liked more than actually a remake, but we can not rule out the possibility that this work goes beyond remaster.

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