We invest more than 30 billion in developers of Cacao Games, Star, and Working Crew

Cacao Games said on the 26th, the Cacao Games European corporation has been a strategic investment in US $25 million (about W30bn) in the US Games Developer Frost Giant Studios.

Frost Giant Studios is a new development company established in 2020, and Battle developers who participated in the production of Blizzard PC real-time strategy simulation games such as Star Craft, Warcraft Series, etc.


The Team Morton, who served as the Star Craft 2 Production Director, was a Frost Giant Studio representative and production director, Team Cymbal, who was a team Cymbal, who was a team Caravel 3, a team of game directors. Currently, I am developing RTS new work and will be released this year.

Cacao Games led this series A investment and participated in the largest scale. Cacao Games Jose Guy Kyuhyun said, As a proven developer with a solid development force that has a solid development force that has already created RTS littered RTS littered in the global market, Post Giant Studios will be very expecting to show, I would actively work for a work to showcase a work.

The team of Post Giant Studios is a glad to become a Global Market and Publisher Cacao Games recognized in the Korean market, and With the robust support of Cacao Games, we can enjoy the world’s game users. I will do my best to make it.

Meanwhile, Cacao Games is expanding its lineup, including the Ocean Drive Studios, Second Dive, Nine Arc, and Reality Magic, such as domestic and foreign marketers, such as domestic and foreign marketers.

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