Lewis so mock the future of Mortal Kombat after the announcement of the sequel

Today, Warner Bros. Pictures officially announced mom metal Combat 2, a sequel to the live action restart of last year. The news has already made the fanatics of Aortic Combat get excited about what comes next, and the star Lewis so hurried to comment, generating enthusiasm for the next delivery. The character of Tan, Cole Young, was the main character of the first film, and the sequel will probably continue his trip. Unfortunately, the only thing announced so far is that the film will be written by Jeremy Slater, of the next Disney + Moon Knight series.

Mortal Kombat Movie Sequel Where Is It What's Going On Is WB Saving The Announcement For MK30th
The Tweet of Tan can be found in embedded below.

Last years coastal Combat The film ended with Cole Young going out to look for new recruits for Maiden for the death Combat tournament. When Cole leaves, we see that he will search Johnny Cage. Cage was an important part of 1995 Mortal Kombat movie, where he was represented by Linden Ashby. The conclusion of the Mortal Kombat film of 2021 has generated many speculations about which actor will assume the paper this time, with rumors circulating about Ryan Reynolds and the WWE Fighter The Mid.

While fans look forward to Johnny Cage’s casting, there are many other great characters of Mortal Kombat who could be seen in a sequel. Games have provided a ton of excellent candidates, including Night wolf, Diana, Carey and more. However, the strongest possibility could be Noob Sabot. In the Games, Sub-Zero becomes Noob Sabot after the death of him at the hands of Scorpion. The conclusion of the restart saw the death of Joe Ta slim sub-zero, but the actor signed for multiple sequels, and the actor is very aware of Sabot’s role in the Games. A return for the villain seems quite likely!

With luck, Warner Bros. will not make the fans wait too long to get information. Mortal Combat was a great success in HBO Max last year, obtaining the strongest opening weekend numbers of all the simultaneous film premieres of the service. It will be interesting to see how the sequel accumulates and if it will also receive a dual launch. For now, fanatics will only have to wait and see!

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