King of Fighters 15 packages, scheduled sales from 8th

Intra Games (representative compensation) cooperates with today (7 days), Koch Media, and SNK’s popular Daejeon Fighting Game ‘The King of Fighters XV (THE King of Fighters XV, KOF XV)’ PlayStation4, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series X Package announced on February 8, which comes from pre-order.

In 1994, the first series of “The King of Fighters”, which launched the first series, is a three-to-3 team battle system and colorful directing, a unique story, with a steady popularity until now. ‘KOF XV’ is a new feature in six years from the previous work.

‘KOF XV’ is a steady popular character throughout the series, from the request of the fans to the character, and a new character to the new character in this title, and a total of 39 characters participated in the dream match. It will also show the story of the New Story’s main character ‘Shunuei’, which connects the Oro, Neshes, and Ash Saga,

The ‘KOF XV’ was inherited by the series tradition, inheriting the battle system, simultaneously buying new systems and giving them lively to Daejeon. Online War IN Netcord adopts a rollback method to provide a layer of soft online play.

Gamer is based on this basis for ‘rank match’, ‘casual match’, ‘room match’, and ‘online training’, etc. You can also update the “Draft” to take off your opponent and character. Cross play between PlayStation4 and PlayStation5 versions.

Gamers who pre-purchased ‘KOF XV’ can obtain ‘Arran: Mark of The Ulve’ Terry Borg DLC ​​Costume with early purchase bonus.

After the launch, the package ‘Team Pass’ will also be revealed to increase the character lineup. It consists of ‘Team Pass 1’ and ‘Team Pass 2’, and is composed of two teams for each team pass, and six characters.

First, the team Pass 1, the team, Garou, B. Jenny, “Team South Town, Launches in May). The two teams of Team Pass 2, which are not yet published, are available in this summer and fall, respectively.

‘KOF XV’ corresponds to the free upgrade to the PlayStation5 version in the PlayStation4 version. However, for this purpose, a PlayStation 5 body with a disk drive is required. For more information on the game, see the Intra Games Official Homepage.

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