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wow thats a lotta words
With the words “We Will See You Next Time”, WoWS Community Manager Lore and Game Director Ion Hazzikostas last from Developer Q & A to Patch 8.1.5 for Battle For Azeroth. Since then, 1,052 days or almost three years have passed. Since then there are no updates with questions from the community more about WOW. The “Watcher” Hazzikostas reads pretty much everything , which is found in the WOW forums and on other platforms, his thoughts about World of Warcraft we can grab since the last developer Q & A but only from interviews or Short forum posts on, which usually suddenly sprout out of the ground. What is the reason for the wireless styles between Game Director and Community?

Negativity reason for “pause” of the Q & AS?

Yes, Blizzard as a company has taken a lot in recent months and as a former lawyer is probably a smart move of Game Director Ion Hazzikostas to keep themselves covered by topics, to which one can say unintentionally much wrong. But the radio silence is not only since the sexism scandal, which has been triggered in mid-2021 , but since the beginning of 2019.

One might suspect that due to the poor feedback from the community, no questionnaires / updates will stop. BFA was in retrospect as one of the ‘say we say, more difficult extensions of players and lands in the ranking of the best WoW extensions always very far below.

But look at the YouTube comments on the last Q & A , the reactions are predominantly very positive or neutral, although at this time in Bfa certainly gave much about the Azerit armor to cursing. Hazzikostas and Lore look relaxes in their one-hour video, which will hold you every few months. So too much negative feedback can not be the reason.

Did the planning of extensions and features become too complex?

Cataclysm, Wood, Bfa and now Shadowlands: In addition to highlights like Mop and Legion, it draws like a red thread through the development WOW extensions that the devs seem to be able to bring only a good addon when the work was set at the previous expansion prematurely. Therefore, the meme also stirs that a good wow extension must always follow. Now Shadowlands have not really arrived in the end, after the rather disappointing enlargement BFA, however, the pandemic has now led that Shadowlands lack a complete patch.

This is especially noticeable by the Lore around Sylvanas and the Chairman. At Shadowlands, you can make the pandemic as a culprit, but somehow the workflows of a WOW extension at Blizzard never really seem to be well concepted from the beginning to the back. You can only suspect what’s going on behind the scenes. And that’s why I wish to get an update from Hazzikostas, which we should actually expect when in WOW, what the developers are currently busy, what you are working on what you think about XY’s topic and much more. Maybe it’s higher-made people like a Bobby Kotick, who does not only peel off Oververtch employees for arbitrary projects and so planned twice for months. But who knows…

Right now would be a developer update important

World of Warcraft (Buy Now) is (again) at ~~ a crossroad ~~ of a kind of new beginning. With Shadowlands, according to its own statements, one closes a big chapter in the WOW universe. So you can start with something new and in the future may even develop more through the deal with Microsoft again, as soon as Mr. Kotick took the hat. That’s why it would be important to share the players at the thoughts of the devs.

Usually we should get all the important information on the future of WoW and Co. on a replacement event for the BlizzConline, but this event is not even announced. It is obvious that many ideas are once again thrown over the pile of several months ago. This shows the radio silence at the four months announced transfer packet and possibly the associated cancellation of the fraction limits in patch 9.2.5 . Apparently, Blizzard is not even sure about planning the near future.

All these plans thrown within the company would explain why it may not make sense for hazzicostas in front of the community if he can be sure that it is talking about that he is talking about that next week is so planned. Also, this spontaneity such as the announcement of the Cross Faction Gaming make Q & As, whose information is quick again uninteresting or outdated, superfluous.

No wonder that from Blizzard employees like Mike Ybarra actually can only be heard that “Soon great on us” , if internally is probably not so sure what “the big” is at all and When or if it really comes. Too big is the change, which is currently taking place. I, and I think many in the WoW community, these Q & A rounds always liked very much. What do you think, why the fragant lessons with Hazzikostas no longer exist? Write us in the comments. To home page

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