New MMORPG on Steam lays catastrophic start

A huge MMO that allows thousands of players to be on the road at the same time in the open game world – the developers of Mortal Online 2 promised their players. But this dream seems to be in a long time shortly after the start.

Mortal Online 2: Monster-MMO starts through growing up on Steam

“Mortal online is not like other MMOS” – this is the official Steam description of the new MMORPG. That’s exactly what many players at the newcomer should have irritated. Because according to the developers, the danger is robbed or even killed by other players and to start again at zero, their constant companion.

An incredibly ambitious goal that the developers of Star Vault have settled. And also one, that seems to be in some distance . Because the official start on Steam after the previous early access phase caused some problems that are related to the servers, especially with the servers.

The developers do not seem to have expected that their new game would be so popular in such a short time so that the servers are overloaded throughout. The result: it is endless queues. In the reviews, some players report it, that waiting times for 24 hours are not uncommon .

But there are not the problems – at least for players who play outside of Europe . These reports suggests that the latencies are so high that they have no chance in the duel against other players who are on the European mainland (Source: Steam).

Watch Mortal Online 2 on Steam

_Why is Mortal Online 2? In the trailer there are first gameplay material to see: _

Players make their anger air

On Steam so far were delivered more than 3,500 reviews , only 47 percent of these are positive. In the recent reviews the quota is even worse. Here are only 43 percent a thumbs up .

The majority of the players believe that Mortal Online 2 has incredibly a lot of potential, but the technical backbone of the game is on to shaky legs. They condemn that in their eyes premature leaving the game from the Early Access Phase . It was simply not finished for a long time.

That the game additionally costs 34 euros, but also monthly subscription fees will be due for another displeasure. After all, the developers have already announced on the official website that they are aware of the problems and the subscription times are currently paused (Source: Mortal Online 2 – Website.

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Whether the small indie studio from Sweden creates it, however, to meet the demands of the players, remains to be seen.

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