Steel series, new semester celebration progress

My New MAIN? SteelSeries Prime Wireless Mouse Review!
The world’s first gaming gear brand steel series (SteelSeries) said that it is a ‘2022 astronomer promotion event’ that provides a variety of discounts on the ahead of the ahead. The promotion was designed to support gamers in the upcoming theesa to the new departure and challenge.

This promotion will be held on February 3rd to 16, and can be seen at a discounted price of up to 30% of the popular gaming peripherals of the steel shelves, such as headsets, mice and keyboards. Event target products are gaming keyboards such as Arctis Pro Wireless, Arctis Prime, Arctis 5, Gaming Headset, Gaming Headset, PRIME, RIVAL 5, SENSEI TEN, RIVAL 3, Gaming Mouse, APEX Pro, APEX 7, APEX 3, etc. A total of 25 products with a species, QCK mouse pad.

The photorecution event is also proceeding. After purchasing the product within the event period, it is possible to participate when leaving a review, including the image. Aerox3 (2022) onyx wired gaming mouse (1), QCK Large gaming mouse pad (5), including ARCTIS PRO wireless headset (1) do.

It is also a ‘time sail’, which allows popular products that have been loved last year to achieve a unique price. The bargain can meet the steel series products with a more affordable amount as an event that can apply for additional discount coupons specified by the day of the year at the existing discount price. Time-day items are Rival3 Wired Mouse, Rival3 Wireless Mouse, APEX3 Low Noise Gaming Keyboard, ARCTIS1 Wired Gaming Headset, QCK Medium Gaming Mouse Pad.

More details on the Steel Series Theesomer promotions can be found through the online shopping malls such as 11, eBay, and SSG, including steel series Naver official stores.

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