Lost Ark protests giants – gives characters right away, however not all

This is the situation: In the 4CHAN online forums, a customer boasted that he has actually created lots of characters and afterwards erased once again to make well-known names hard to reach to various other gamers. Because in spite of the deletion, the names remain to be secured as well as can not be recycled.

The strange name system has found just a few followers in the player shank. In the official online forums and also on Reddit, players shared their displeasure and Amazon.com has now steered something.

In MMORPLOST ARK, personality names were not released also after the removal of the personality. This used trolls for themselves to lock numerous preferred names. The Community Manager Roxx has now announced that continued to this trouble. At the very least partially.

The names of several prominent characters were made of films, books, TV anime, folklore as well as collection. In the matching thread after that even more collected, which should after that be deliberately erased. Additionally names of well-known banner were taken.

This will change currently: In a discussion forum post, the community manager Roxx expressed itself to the trouble. In the message workplace it was claimed that:

The upgrade FIXT various error in the game and also attracts completion of the Very early Access. From 18:00, the servers are consequently likewise released for the Free2Play gamers, however here it will not be all.

  • The names of the characters on Degree 10 (StartLevel), which have actually been removed, are promptly released for usage
  • The names of characters at level 11 or higher will be released after 60 days for reuse.

When precisely the change comes right into force, Roxx did not write. You can assume that it will certainly go online with the upgrade, which is done on 11 February from 14:00 to 18:00.

How to PROPERLY Gear Your Characters for Lost Ark
While it is still feasible for the troll to bring a personality to Degree 11 quickly, the Miese system has most definitely been undermined. The trolls now need extra job as well as the names of the characters are no much longer lost forever.

All info about the readily available servers can be found in our article:

Lost Ark secures the German server for all Free2Play gamers

** In MMORPLOST ARK, personality names were not launched even after the deletion of the character. This used trolls for themselves to lock lots of preferred names. The names of numerous preferred characters were made of movies, books, TELEVISION collection, mythology and anime. Names of popular streamer were swiped.

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