The Batman presents new and incredible images

It is no longer missing for the premiere of The Batman, so these last weeks a lot of promotional material has been released. The new movie of the night’s knight Paint to be one of the best in its history, and although initially there were criticism towards Robert Pattinson **, new images show us that the actor will be incredible on paper.

These images are courtesy of the portal Total Film , and they show us to batman in different situations:

It seems that all those people who criticized Pattinson have regretted, because everything they have shown us about The Batman lately has not received more than praise. Matt Reeves, Director of the feature film, it definitely has a major challenge ahead, but it seems that the character fans will not be dissatisfied.

_ The Batman _ It reaches cines on March 4, 2022.

Editor’s Note: I have faith that The Batman will be one of the best versions of the character since the trilogy of Christopher Nolan. The film is certainly a lot of anticipation from behind, especially considering the current state of DC, and if everything goes well, we will finally have another worthy batman on the big screen.

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