Thinking head of Mortal Kombat for 30 years, Ed Boon will be inducted into the temple of renowned video game

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has chosen Ed Boon to integrate its prestigious Hall of Fame in this year 2022. The 1996-founded organization pays tribute to a particularly endangered creative director and at the head of a franchise which, Although having experienced hollow times, is today a titan of the genre.

It is almost 30 years ago, on 8 October 1992, was born the kombat mortal phenomenon. With 75 million games sold since its inception, including more than $ 12 million for the last component, the franchise weighs today heavier than competitors like Street Fighter and Tekken, largely it is true thanks to its considerable influence on the American market. Mortal Kombat, it is the work of a lifetime for Ed Boon, still today creative director at Netherrealm Studios, that the Academy has decided to welcome in his temple of fame. Ed Boon, 57, thus joins names like Shigeru Miyamoto (1998), John Carmack (2001), Yu Suzuki (2003), Mark Cerny (2010), Tim Sweeney (2012), Gabe Newell (2013), Hideo Kojima ( 2016) or Todd Howard (2017). The entronal ceremony will take place on February 25 at the Mandalay Bay Resort of Las Vegas as part of the Awards, annual rewards organized by the Academy. The price will be given by Matt Booty, head of the Xbox Game Studios, who met Ed Boon by joining Midway in the mid-90s.

The Making of Mortal Kombat | Digitized graphics in video games

“We are delighted that ED be inducted into our fame temple. Of his first works on the Flippers to his monumental achievements by cocreasing the Mortal Kombat Franchise, the dedication and perseverance of Ed for craftsmanship and art Games left an incredible heritage to fans and game developers “, Comment Meggan Scavio, President of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. After graduating from the University of Illinois, Ed Boon started working as a programmer at the Flipper Williams Electronics manufacturer. He then joins the Arcade department of Williams Electronics and released his first game, High Impact Football, in December 1990, then his Super High Impact Suite a year later. It is the same year, which he co-ordinates with John Tobias the design of a certain Kombat game.

And if NetherRealm Studios has also encountered a significant success with injustice and injustice 2, taking advantage of being redeemed by the Warner family to play with DC superheroes, the rumor wants the studio to be focused on Mortal Kombat today. 12, simply. No later than this morning, a member of the studio has published (then deleted) a photo on Twitter in which we could see a named file including the term MK12. A pseudo leak that seems to have a wink cleverly calculated than a real clumsiness.

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