How to get free packs and cards in Yu-Gi

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master duel has been available since January 19th and the duels are building and getting married to their ideal decks since then. But apart from the fact that you get your first Structure deck at the beginning, maybe ask yourself how you can get more cards so you can start customize. This guide should show you This is how you get free packages , just as well as single cards , in the Yu-Gi-Oh master duel.

How to get free packs and maps in the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

Getting packages and cards in the game can easily be obtained by various methods, such as by winning online duels , delete Solo missions and shopping with Gemstones in business. You do not have to spend a real money and can get many great cards organically through the game.

In particular, you receive packs mainly about the shop in the main menu, which you can shop Normal , mystery , or bonus versions. The typical currency are Gems, 100 for a normal or secret package, 1000 if you want to buy 10 at once, each package containing 8 cards. Gemstones are also easy to win, as the game offers you a lot for the beginning and easy to reach mission rewards can be found in the main menu. From there you can open the packs and these cards are added to your catalog in the deck menu to add it to current decks, build new ones or disassemble for CP! The game even teases you by picking up the rarest cards. So if you see a luminous purple aura on the back of a map, which is about to turn around, get ready!

You will find that you receive every few packs an option for new Secret Packs that you have previously had no access. From then on, you also have the opportunity to buy them. Sometimes the game even gives you a free pull to test the water on packs where you are not sure! Finally, you can occasionally buy bonus packages for tickets You can win in duels or milestone mission rewards.

Cards are also very easy to get, and you can get them as rewards for duels, solo games (the rewards for the first time clearly show crafting. The longer you play the game, the more diverse and matching will be the reward cards for your style of play. This game should bring you as easy as possible to play as much as possible as you want to play it, and you can not be intimidated by more complicated strategies. There are even which crazy wins you can pull off with the right builds.

How To Get 50 FREE PACKS In Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel!

This completes our guide to get free packs and cards in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel! Feel free to get forward to the game, and look at the other links below to get more instructions like this!

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