Mortal Kombat 12 accidentally filtered? A producer has escaped a track

While mortal Kombat 2, the film has just been confirmed, a game producer would have filtered “accidentally” information that proves that Netherrealm Studio would be working on the next license game. Jonathan Andersen published on Twitter a photo with images of injustice 2 and the first two mortal Kombat. If the photo seemed very innocent, that was because he did not have Internet researchers.

In the photo, already eliminated from the social network, two screen appeared. In one, it was possible to see by zooming on the right screen a titled folder: MK12_MAST… Ironically, there is also an open email, some words of which remain readable. The person who sent him mentions a video that Mr. Andersen should not share, since fans look for any potential information on the Internet.

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At the moment, the only doubt that seems to be around refers to the fact that this filtration is very accidental. It seems unlikely that a veteran of Mr. Andersen’s caliber has made such a serious mistake, and it could well have been a skillfully organized communication trick. Between that and the announcement of the film, this allows the license to talk again a little about it, waiting to have advanced enough in the development of the game to show the first images.

As a reminder, the announcement of the end of Mortal Kombat XI updates surprised the community a lot. The game is the best selling the license, with more than 12 million copies sold. He received many compliments from both the press and the players, thanks to both his gameplay and the best way of history of any console struggle game of the previous generation. Its success was such that it even became ps5 and xbox series, which caused the interruption of the updates and seasonal passes even stranger.

However, if Netherrealm Studios had plans to dedicate themselves exclusively to the future work, then this sudden stop would find a logical explanation. Two great questions arise now, the first relative to history mode. The frames seemed resolved after aftermath, so we will have to see if a direct sequel will be offered (potentially with the bad end as a fee choice) or a restart. The other question that comes directly to the mind refers to the character of Cole Young, created especially for the film, and the potential integration of it as a character of Mortal Kombat 12.

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