Mandragora: Metroidvania inspired adventure appears for Xbox

Primal Game Studio and Marvelous Europe are pleased to reveal Mandragora, an action-oriented side-scroller action RPG, which plays in a universe of magnificent colors and inevitable tragedies.

The Mandragora published by Primal Game Studio and published by Marvelous Europe is a challenging, but rewarding, metroidvania inspired adventure, which appears for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

Istvan Zsuffa, Creative Director at Primal Game Studio says: “Mandragora is a genre mix of everything we love at our favorite games. This made it a challenge to find the right publisher who understands our vision of a title that does not fit into a drawer. That’s why we are so glad to work with Marvelous Europe to publish our game on all preferred platforms. We are grateful for the previous support of the fans and can not wait to continue this trip together! ”

Mandragora - Announcement Trailer

“We are excited to bring the vision of Primal Game Studio to the world,” adds Marc Melton, Managing Director at Marvelous Europe. “Mandragora is a fantastic project with huge potential that marks a new step in our collaboration with development studios, and we are pleased to have found so great partners.”

In Mandragora, humanity has left the world to the monsters. People hide behind walls of bricks and flags from ignorance, built by their leaders. Joy and pleasure are coveted jewels, unattainable for the masses. This is not the world that was promised to you. Travel at night and get you back!

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