Series producer is surprised at “BattleField 2042”. The responsibility of the impairs is viewed in the upper part

About “ Battlefield 2042 “, major developers involved in the series past works are stranging on SNS. It describes the cause of the symptom of the same work, and it is the content that it is not possible to cancel the rudder of the new work. While making many opinions from the user, etc., a voice as a person who knows the site of the past work was posted this time.

“Battlefield 2042” is the latest work of Multi-Play FPS “Battlefield” series. Up to 128 people (PS4 / Xbox One is up to 64 people). This work continues from the user, such as a lot of defects and performance issues, such as a lot of defects and performance issues. Developing source EA / DICE also contains a continuous update while incorporating feedback. However, at the time of article writing in STeam, the user review is a “somewhat unpopular” status of 71% of 9161. The number of concurrent workers of the same platform is also a very severe situation as a new popular series (STEAMDB), such as a day of 4,000 daily peaks.

Such a work This work this time, developers David Goldfarb, which has been involved in past works, said his view on its own Twitter account. Goldfarb is a major developer who served as a lead designer in single play mode at “Battlefield 3” and “Battlefield: Bad Company 2”. He later served as a game director with “Payday 2”, and now he has been working on Heavy Metal Rhythm FPS “Metal: Hellsinger” at the outsiders.

Goldfarb’s remarks The triggered thing is that youTuber / Streamer STODEH’s video. Stodeh posts a video that points out many of the problems of “Battlefield 2042” on February 7th. He analyzed and analyzes its opinion on many elements in the map of the map, and lack of balance adjustment in the battle between the vehicle and infantry, and performance issues. Goldfarb, who watched the video, has not been played “BattleField 2042” until now, and he has not seen the video, and he began to talk in a series of tweets as “questions in this product”.

First of all, Goldfarb comments that the decision on the game design in this work is suffering from understanding. He had a question that a small infantry battle map was absent and the question of the player’s number of people to a point with 128 people. Furthermore, “did such a work do not have a person who manages quality?” “What kind of work is” Battlefield “series and saying who he thinks if he moved forward?”

Goldfarb also reported that the studio upper part of the studio could be an obstacle to the game development, but I was surprised that too much trouble. That is, he indicates a view of the “Battlefield 2042” to the “Battlefield 2042” annoying, which has a problem with the decision making and steering of the game element implementation. He also responded to user reply asking the same worker responsible for user reply. He is emphasized that he is not responsible for the individuals of the developers, but responsible for the decision-making layer.

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Continued Goldfarb, DICE says that DICE should be: It’s not the development of another work. He specifically proposes a series of new works such as “Battlefield 2143” and the like, and a remaster of past works. He also communicates the view that EA / DICE will survive and will need to create a new IP. In any case, the same thing seems to be a pessimistic position in the policy that continues to improve “Battlefield 2042” as it is. In addition, Goldfarb’s series of comments will be a face that will not be silent as a series of work primary developers, with the current situation of the same work that does not collect collect.

“Battlefield 2042” is currently struggling on the evaluation surface on the player population. In addition, signing exercise for user-initiated refunds is also in progress. At the online signature site Currently, the article writing now, the number of users approaching 170,000 is a name for refunding. It’s just a state of queue.

As mentioned by Goldfarb, EA / DICE should proceed to another work? Or is it to all improve the “Battlefield 2042”? In any case, I would like to see how the studio will aim for the operation of the situation in the future.

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