Uncharted: When Tom Holland discusses the movie with Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog

UNCHARTED - From Game to Movie with Tom Holland and Neil Druckmann

Only a few days before the exit of the movie Uncharted on the big screen in France and on the side of Sony Pictures, we continue the promotional campaign. The last video, in addition to the countless TV spots that can be found on YouTube and social networks, stages Tom Holland alongside Neil Druckmann, one of the Pontes de Naughty Dog. Co-President of the studio, he is also a screenwriter and Game Director on many studio games such as Uncharted 4 and the two episodes of The Last of Us. Taking place at the side of Tom Holland and chatting with the 25-year-old film, shooting but also video games, it’s a subtle way to say that Naughty Dog adodns this adaptation to the cinema. The film does not lack qualities, looks with pleasure and without taking a lead, but maybe lack of ambition to be really in an adaptation that calls for the trip and the unexplored places. But we let you look at our review if you want to have our full advice on the movie.

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