Total was: Warhammer 3 in the test: Epic strategy lights for beginners and professionals

“Epic” computer games are in bulk, but the Total War series is also a very own beast. No matter if you are fighting in the old Rome, when Shogun leads a campaign through the feudal Japan or conquering the three legendary kingdoms of China: In every game, your train builds for train your kingdom, cooperates with friendly nations and commanded in large-scale slaughter whole armies Full polygonic data, which hit the heads each other. Almost every totally was referring to historical events and real facts we know from history lessons. One of the few exceptions include the two Warhammer parts of 2016 and 2017 based on the Tabletop classic of Games Workshop the same name and mix the 4X strategy concept with a belonging portion of fantasy and magic. Strictly speaking, developer Creative Assembly abandoned from the beginning a trilogy, which was now totally: Warhammer 3 (Buy Now / 50.99 €) finds its degree.

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Already during the installation, she finds that the motto of the British finally “not blob, but clot!” This is: The game is a whopping 112 gigabyte memory on your hard drive! Thus, the third prank is almost twice as thick as its predecessor, which in turn affects the presentation. Above all, the graphic is less colorful or even artificial, instead, the environment is puffing only to detail and thanks to its subtle color design for a much gloomy atmosphere. There are also short, but great staged intermediate sequences and a coherent orchestral soundtrack.

Unfortunately, in return, you have to adjust to long loading times that take several minutes per memory level or battle in the event of an HDD storage medium. You should therefore spell enough space on an SSD plate to significantly reduce the waiting problem.

Closed strategy fun

In the former case, in contrast to previous total war, you will receive significantly more concrete information, as probably the final result will look like. In addition to a rough chance of success, all units are flashing red, which are likely to lose their lives.

Total War: WARHAMMER 3 Live Testing All the Daemons vs AI
If you want to fight, then Totally changed in real-time mode and gives you the command violence about hundreds of soldiers. These are summarized in units and are divided into different types which uses as efficiently as efficiently as possible against the opposing troops as well as in a complex scissor stone paper principle. Archers act best in the background and are a good remedy against sword fighters, mounted units should flank away from the side, with the spearers, the cavalry is leveraged and the sword fighters decimated ideally just those spear carriers made of direct nearby.

Thanks to the Warhammer settings, there are still numerous flying creatures and huge demons, not to mention the complex magic arts of the commander. The latter also ensure a belonging portion of role-playing flair by gaining strength with increasing fighter experience, wearing equipment and learn a new combatability with any level ride or improve at least one old one.

Nevertheless, there are many possibilities and sources of error that lead to a failure of your conquest plans – whether you go out the money when expanding your cities or overrun in a battle of the sudden reinforcement of the opponent. Therefore, the series is already massively rising in the lower levels of difficulty of easily accessible competing products such as Sid Meier’s Civilization. Although the control is well sorted in view of the high complexity, and numerous Ingame helps explain your questions specifically. However, we miss a classic instructions that can flow out from front to back and where you do not have to click on a keyword to the next.

Nevertheless, Creative Assembly has been specifically for total: Warhammer 3 come up with something to grab the arms under my arms: an extensive prologue campaign in which she plays the role of the Kislev race and gets a large part of the game mechanics explained. The campaign takes several hours time and gives very concrete goals that you need to fulfill gradually. She loses itself in detail questions and leaves many nuances and facets open. It simply focuses on the essentials, namely the conquer of cities, the basics of diplomacy and of course the handling of your army within a battle. Good this way! Page 1 Totally Warhammer 3 in the test – that awaits you Page 2 Total Warhammer 3 in the test: Conclusion and rating Page 3 picture gallery too totally: Warhammer 3 in the test: Simply epic! Next page next page To the gallery to the homepage

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