Lost Ark: Tragedy Written in Stone Quest Guide

Lost Ark has some great main quests, but the side quests like Tragedy Written in Stone should not be missed. Although it is easy to overlook, find out here how to find the quest as you conclude it and what you get as a reward for your hard work.

How to start a tragedy chiseled in Lost Ark

Tragedy Written in Stone Lost Ark
To start the side quest Tragedy Written in Stone in Lost Ark, you must be located on the Rethramis border. Here you only have to fight grave guardians until they drop a moss-covered tree trunk . Go to your inventory and interact with the moss-covered tree trunk to start the quest.

Moss-covered logging contains a note. The note refers to the spooker’s symptoms of the ghosts in the cemetery. To learn more, With this relatively short side quest you have to do the following :

  1. Read the mossy diary
  2. Speak with grave guard Kendal
  3. Read the defaced epitaph on the coffin
  4. Defeat 5 ghosts of the grave guard
  5. Bring the tormented woman to rest
  6. Find grave guard Kendal

All you have to do is follow the quest markers during this quest. After reading the initial notices, they follow the quest marker and talk to Gravekeeper Kendal **. He will tell you about the tortured woman who is mentioned in the diary and ask you to find your coffin.

Go to the upper right area of ​​the cemetery and follow your quest marker to find the coffin and the unrecognized epitaph of the woman. Interact with the coffins to move in the quest .

Follow the quest mark to the new area of ​​the map. Here, You must kill 5 Gravekeeper Ghosts . You can kill you anywhere in the cemetery, but if you do it here, you are closer to the next part of the quest.

The last quest marker takes you to the tortured woman itself. Making you on a big fight, because the venous spirit will attack you together with a handful of Gravekeeper Ghosts. Defeat them all and go back to Gravekeeper Kendal to finish the quest . After completion, you will receive some silver, fight XP, roster XP and a secret card.

And that’s all you need to know to find and complete the side quest Tragedy Written in Stone in Lost Ark. Further information can be found in our Lost Ark Guides for Quest Help, Class Tips and how to find all Mokoko seeds.

Lost Ark is now available on the PC.

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