“Management is ignorant or not likely to lend your ears” Labor union by Euby Eye Employee Requires Improvement in the Company Environment

Labor Organization A Better Ubisoft criticized the negative posture for the company‘s environmental improvement of Ubi ISOF.

Harassment by senior employees in the past occurred in the past. As a result, the annual occupation rate reached 12%. In response to this, the company promises the reform of the company’s environment, and the CEO Yves Guillemot has also published a video that expresses apology.

On the other hand, A Better Ubisoft (ABU) is a group consisting of a Ubi I. Soft employee and former employee who has a sense of anti-in-house environment. ABU has set up four demands such as “the promotion of perpetrators”, and tweeted a public letter for management.

However, after 200 days, ABU announced a new statement because of the fact that the “no needs are not satisfied”. According to the statement, the company’s best personnel manager’s Anika Grant shared a presentation video for employee satisfaction survey several days ago. In the presentation, a representation is used to avoid specific numbers with “to say that you are…” and “I heard…” and “I heard…” and “I was unbelievably uncertain”.

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Before tightening the video, Grant comments “digging (data) to understand the feedback such as minority.” However, ABU points out that the survey has not been realized because it has not been collected other than age or sex, and “it was a rudimentary survey to be done for many years”.

The group says, “Management is ignorant or just likely to lend your ears, and it is tired that it is tired to repeat such an obvious point.”

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