The director of The Witcher 3 covered new study and work on a fantasy RPG in Unreal Engine 5

Take talk about the birth of a new study in the world of videogames. And, eye, because it is not any1. Aim the name of Rebel Wolves , a new signature that has been founded with an EX veteran team Projekt Red, and that is led by Konrad Tomaszkiewicz , the principal director of, nothing more and nothing Less, that The Witcher 3.

With the experience the team has, they will pretend to take a leap and move what they are planned, making it clear from the letter of presentation that they intend to work in a different way than they are accustomed, with the aim of primaring the stability of The template at all times. Come on, they want to avoid a _ Crunch _ that, as is known by all, has been one of the Lastres of CDPR.

‘Witcher 3’ director’s new game studio aims to recreate the freedom of paper RPGs

The study, with headquarters in Warsaw (Poland) Also will have other known names Jakub Szamałek as Director of Narrative, Daniel Sadowski as Director of Design or Tamara Zawada as an entertainment director.

“_ For all those who are part of WOLVES REBEL, video games have always been something we felt we should do, something rooted in our DNA, we want to evolve the genre of role playing by creating unforgettable stories and causing deep emotions, while we work as A team very close by a common goal and ambition. We want to remain small and agile, a place where people are known and worry about others, “says Tomaszkiewicz in his cover letter.

We also have the details of the first project, at least its bases. Following the line of the adventures of our beloved Gerardo magic, it will be a dark fantasy RPG , with AAA production values. The engine Unreal Engine 5 ** will be the axis on which the development will be supported, so we can expect an outstanding technical finish.

Of course, at the moment we do not have any name of the videogame, much less date when it will be available. will come to PC and new generation consoles such as PS5 or Xbox series X | S . We will have to wait a time, since they are still hiring for the study in various talent profiles that are added to the project.

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