Final Fantasy 14: Expects us with patch 6.1 a new deep vault?

During the Korean version of the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest, players were allowed to ask their questions to producer and director Naoki Yoshida. The question was placed on a new version of the deep vault for endwolders. Thereafter, Yoshi-P had a pretty unambiguous answer!

_ “We get an overwhelming number of inquiries from anywhere in the world in which a new Deep Dungeon is asked. That’s why we already work on a new version of this dungeon and will probably publish it with patch 6.x at some point.” _

So it’s not clear when exactly the new version of the deep vault will appear. However, it is quite possible that we already enjoy patch 6.1. The Q & A of the Korean fan solid was kindly provided on the subreddit discord for FF14 in a translated version.

What is the deep vault?

The deep vault is a kind of roguelike dungeon in which special rules apply. For example, you can not access your normal inventory and instead finds consumables within the dungeon, which make you stronger or transform all the opponents into frogs. The deep vault can be completed in a group or even solo. The latter is considered one of the most serious challenges in Final Fantasy 14.

The deep vault is particularly well suited to level your second classes. In the palace of the dead, which appeared with Heavensward, the classes can be easily increased by level 1 to 60. In the sky column in Endwalker finally from level 60 to 70. A new low vault would allow us to bring our jobs from level 70 to 90. This is currently still speculation, so that we have to be patient for a final announcement.

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