Olympia Live: First appearance of Frenzel

The German combiners fight in the season for gold – with Eric Frenzel (from 9 o’clock). In addition, Mikaela Shifrin wants to deliver finally, the world also looks at figure skater Kamila Walijewa (from 11am). And in the ice hockey final, it comes to the classic. With around Olympia, there are all the decisions of the day in the live ticker for reading.

The Olympic Winter Games live at Dazn!

Olympia today: the decisions of the day

Alina Zagitova (OAR) - Gold Medal | Women's Free Skating | PyeongChang 2018

Competition Result
Ice Hockey: Final Women
SKI Alpin: Combination Women
Freestyle: Skicross Women
Ice Skating 1,000 meters women
Figure Skating: Comment Women
** Nordic combination: Teamstaffel

Olympia live on Tuesday: sports, competitions, schedule

An overview of the complete Olympia program on February 17th.

Time competition
5.30 Freestyle: Qualification Halfpipe Men
5.10 Ice Hockey: Final Women
7.00 Ski Alpin: Combination Women, Slalom
7.00 Freestyle: Skicross women (Quali from 4.30 am)
7:05 Curling: preliminary women
9.00 Nordic combination: team jumping wholesale
9.30 Skin running: 1,000 meters women
11.00 clock Figure skating: Comment Women
12.00 pm Nordic combination: Teamstaffel
13:05 Curling: semi-final men

Olympia – all important on Wednesday in the live ticker

6.13 – Ice Hockey: Poulin Double Pack! Great counterattack of Canadians, Goalie Alex Cavallini can hold the first shot, but from left comes Poulin and shoots out of a sharp angle. She meets Cavallinis skate, from there the puck goes into the net. 3: 0 Canada, now it takes half a wonder for the USA.

6.02 – Freestyle: The first 15 are through the halfpipe, it leads Canadian Brendan Brendan Mackay. How did he achieve his 87.25 points? Very easily. Trick 1: X-L-AO-DC-9-CG; Trick 2: X-L-7-D-J; Trick 3: R-9-TG; Trick 4: L-DC-12-SF; Trick 5: R-DC-12-SF

To ask? No? I thought to myself.

5.52 o’clock – Shorttrack: Today exactly 20 years ago, the most craziest gold medal of all time was awarded in Salt Lake City. Do not you believe? Then look at it!

5.45 – Ice Hockey: The first third is over, the US women have to collect themselves in the cabin. I do not know if there is it in the ice hockey Expected Goals, but in the statistics you would not be so bad. In fact, it is 2: 0 for Team Canada. The maple leaves are still missing 40 minutes for the most demanded gold.

5.37 clock – Ice Hockey: Oooooh, Kaaaanadaaaaa! That looks clear after gold! Captain Marie-Philip Poulin has just conquered the disc in the opposing third, then the Schlenzer from a central position – and the beats! That’s already 2-0, Sarah Nurse had broken down a shot to the inner post a few minutes before. Four and a half minutes still in the first third.

5.30 – Freestyle: The qualification of men in the Halfpipe starts now. No German is there, but are under the 23 starters, three Americans, Canadians, Chinese, New Zealander… I’m curious about what the high score of the first run is concerned.

5.23 – BOB: So, I do not like that at all. Last training run of the day in the Viererbob, and the German trio goes behind again. Christoph Ohfer (9th), Johannes Lochner (10th), Francesco Friedrich even ranked only in 25, 1.30 seconds. Since I am known on the reactions of the protagonists…

5.19 clock – ice hockey: as always! Hardly did I pretend that the gates are still missing, it rings! Shot from the left, the rebound falls central in front of the feet of Natalie Spooner, who under the roof skin! 1: 0 Canada! Or? No, US coach Joel Johnson has recognized a away and brings the challenge – the hit does not count.

5.17 clock – Ice Hockey: Hahaha, the organist of the hall looked comfortably the Super Bowl, definitely just the first chords came from “Still D.R.E.” Best man! There was not goals after six minutes, but the better chances had the Americans so far.

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5.12 – Freestyle: Johanna Holzmann is then much slower than Daniela Maier on the 1,240 meter long distance. 5.74 seconds behind, this is at the end of the 20th place in the qualification. Maier stays with the third fastest time. At seven o’clock the knockout finish runs are then on.

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