Olympia Live: Freestyle Gold for China

The Chinese Freestyle Wunderkind Eileen GU has secured its next gold medal. Later, it will be interesting in German perspective especially in the biathlon. In the two mass starts, some DSV athletes expect medal elevations. In addition, the first participant of the ice hockey final is determined. With around Olympia, there are all the decisions of the day in the Liveticker.

The Olympic Winter Games live at Dazn!

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Olympia today: the decisions of the day

Competition Result
Freestyle: Halfpipe Women Next gold! Do not beat Chinesin GU in the halfpipe
Freestyle: Skicross men
Curling: Game around Bronze Men
Biathlon: Mass Start Women
Biathlon: Mass Start Men
Skating: 1000 meters men

Olympia today: the schedule of the coming hours

Time competition
5.10 Hockey: semi-final men
7.00 Freestyle: Skicross men (qualification 4.45 clock)
7:05 Curling: Game around Bronze Men
8.00 o’clock Biathlon: Mass Start Women
9.30 Skipper: 1,000 meters men
10.00 o’clock Biathlon: Mass Start Men
11.30 Figure skating: short program couples
13.00 pm Bob: 1st and 2nd run of two women
13:05 Curling: semi-final women
14.10 Hockey: semi-final men

Olympia – all important on Friday in the live ticker

6.32 clock – ice hockey: The siren sounds! With 1: 0, the Finns go to the second pause. But was it already? Or can the Slovakia attack here again?

6.25 – Hockey: It remains a fight. None of the two teams is clearly better here, yet a balance would not be undeserved. That it is still 1: 0, the Finns mainly thanks to a man: Harri Säferi

6.18 clock – Ice hockey: But the Finns then take a lot too little. Despite two-man’s overpass, the Northern Europeans do not succeed in making countable out. There was much more in it. Still: 1: 0.

6.14 – Freestyle: So, the Skicross Quali is now around. In fact, nobody succeeded in displacing FIVA from the top. After 32 starters, the Swiss leads the field. Nevertheless, it has his second round in itself. He must, among other things, against the 2014 Olympiasisger Jean-Frederic Chapuis and the two DSV starters Bohnacker and BachSleitner Ran.

6.10 – Ice Hockey: The chances of Slovaks are more. But so far there is no passing to the Finnish backman. Again, sentenderi holds twice strong.

6.04 – Ice Hockey: Now a good chance for Slovakia: Marek Hrivik holds out of a pointed angle on it. But Harri Säferi in the gate of the Finns is attentive and grabs the puck. In general, it must be stated that the 32-year-old so far leaves a safe and sovereign impression.

5.58 clock – Hockey: The second third has just started. From Slovakia a little bit more, you want to play here in Beijing around the gold medal.

5.54 – Freestyle: Oh, shit! The last DSV starter is Niklas BachSleitner above. At the 25-year-old, it looks good for a long time, but he puts in a curve too far inward and slips away. Residue in the target: over six seconds.

5.46 – Freestyle: Meanwhile, the third German starter arrived at the bottom of the destination. Tobias Müller is not satisfied with its 1.7 second residue. Leadership is still the Swiss FIVA.

5.41 – Ice hockey: And with this result, we also go to the first pause. For a long time it’s a game at eye level. But then the Slovaks do not fit at the back. This uses manins of ice cold and skin the puck past the Slovak Keeper in the net.

5.35 – Ice hockey: Gol, Gol, Gol! In the last few minutes, it was more and more thought: the Finns go through a goal of Sakari Manninen with 1: 0 in the lead.

5.33 – Freestyle: The Skicrossers currently not drove. The reason is an interruption of the somewhat more curious style. In an air cushion, which should limit the destination entrance on the sides, the air is assumed. For almost 15 minutes, official troubles to fix the problem. Wild thing!

5.27 – Ice Hockey: Already in the group stage, both teams hit each other. At that time, however, it was already 2: 1 for the Finns at the present time. In the end, the Northern Europeans celebrated a 6: 2 success. This becomes today – I now arrange myself – become clearly narrower.

5.20 – Ice Hockey: It’s a body-minded game without the big scorchancies so far. Both teams are extremely compact.

5.14 – Bach to Walijewa incident: We play the ball back to Walijewa. Also IOC President Thomas Bach has now commented on the scenery around 15-year-old Russian. But it is not the unclear doping finding, the Bach drives, rather it is the 68-year-old “disturbing”, as Walijewa was received by her team after her failure. “When I saw how she was received by her entourage, that seemed so cold. That was terrifying,” said Bach. You was not helped, instead you have felt “a cool atmosphere, a distance”.

5.10 – Ice Hockey: The puck is released! Who draws into the semifinals, who has to be content with the game around three? Does Slovakia manage the sensation or is the favorite from Finland in the end?

5.01 – Freestyle: We too as Team D are represented. Florian Wilmsmann is even part of the extended medal circle. Unfortunately, this can not be underline his run. Immediately, he builds a mistake and can not take too much speed from the start section. That powers down. 1.5 seconds behind the Swiss Alex Fiva are the destination. Little better is going to teammate Daniel Bohnacker. This is a hundredth of faster dangers than Wilmsmann and sorts itself in the Quali for the time being on 13th place.

4.56 – Freestyle: The first athletes are already in the finish, but first of all, it’s all about a sitting list anyway. The 32 starters start at first alone against time to determine their opponents for the following runs. Only after qualifying is then man against man.

4.50 – Ice hockey: You realize that Olympia 2022 is slowly but safely moved to the end: the nights are clearly more eventful. Currently only the skicross quali of the gentlemen is running, in almost 20 minutes, the semi-final will be added in the ice hockey between Deb-Bezwinger Slovakia and Finland.

4.43 o’clock – Bob: In the two-Bob, both with gold and silver were already pretty successful, now also be refilled in fours: Francesco Friedrich and Johannes Lochner have left a good impression in the last training runs. Lochner won on Friday the penultimate run of the final training before Olympic Champion Friedrich (+0.12 seconds). Afterwards, the German medal candidates left the last practice run. Christoph Ohfer (Bad Feilnbach) did not go to the start and saved forces with his crew on Friday.

4.36 – Walijewa Update: It was one of the big themes of yesterday’s Olympia Day. After being accused of doping, the Russian figure leader Kamila Walijewa missed a medal in the freestyle. Now the sports court of Cas has brought more Detea to light. As evidenced by the 41-side document, the concentration of the forbidden substance forbidden in the 15-year-old was 2.1 ng / ml. This is a low value that Walijewa’s representation declared with the meanwhile famous grandfather thesis.

4.25 – Freestyle: Before all decisions, there are still a few prospects on the plan. For example, the skicross qualification of gentlemen in freestyle. It will start at about 4.45.

4.17 clock – View: So, after just under two hours Liveticker we want to look at the program of today’s day. We have a decision already behind us, five are still on the course of the day. From a German point of view, especially the two mass starts in the biathlon are interesting. It could go with a little luck towards noble metal.

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Also, in the freestyle, the skicross competition of men, in curling, in the game around bronze of men, and over the 1500 meters in the ice-fast medals.

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