“EA executive” is reported with “BattleField 2042” failure “Halo” and EA is negative. The cause is in the work itself

Electronic ARTS (hereinafter referred to as EA) was denied the report “The company has passed the responsibility of” Battlefield 2042 “failure in the in-house meeting.” Overseas Media PC Gamer conveys.

“Battlefield 2042” is the latest work of Multi-Play FPS “Battlefield” series. Up to 128 people (PS4 / Xbox One is up to 64 people). This work struggles at the evaluation surface immediately after the release of November 19 last November. There are many defects and performance issues, etc. were pointed out by the user, and 71% of the STEAM user reviews at the time of article writing are less than 71%.

Such a work has been reported last week, and a report was made. Overseas Media Xfire will release information that will be exchanged in the “Town Hall Meeting”, where the company’s capillary and employees will directly meet the employees of the company on February 15. Among them, “EA role has gained Surprise distribution of” Halo Infinite “as a cause of” Battlefield 2042 “failure.” It is Laura Miele, who is the current COO (highly executive officer) of EA. He was in charge of the highest studio until October 2021. The conference content was leaked.

According to the Meeting Recording that PC Gamer conveyed, the voice that seems to be MIELE is “The game is stable at the time of the previous play, and the initial evaluation was also positive.” Previous. However, the release of “Halo Infinite” commented that the situation has changed. The speaker says that “Halo Infinite”, which Multi-play mode, was delivered, and it was sophisticated as a limited content. It is not desirable to compare the same work as “Battlefield 2042” with problems such as defects. The speaker continued to continue and stated a specific “Battlefield 2042” problem.

At first glance “BattleField 2042” failed, this remark that could also be received as “Halo Infinite” is also taken to each overseas media. However, the meaning of the remarks seems to be not.

PC Gamer posted a view by John Reseburg of EA Communications Department VP on February 20. Roseburg commented that the conference content did not deny the content of each magazine, but commented that the nature and background of the meeting were not accurately captured. He emphasizes “Halo Infinite” refers to “not to pass failures to external factors”. He has been an important lesson and was to advance to the response. In other words, it would have been the intention to handle popular FPS works released at the same time as a control. Even with the above-mentioned writing, the problem is that the problem is expanded as “Battlefield 2042” itself, and it can be said that it is a suitable explanation.

EA Blame Halo For Battlefield 2042 Failure, Player Count Tanks More, Community Manager Angers Reddit
However, it is also a concern that the contents and recording of the meeting have leaked in the first place. It also suggests the existence of employees who have differences in the EA and development system that they emerged with the part of the part of the part. And the background that the content of the meeting has attracted criticism, there will also be a point that “BattleField 2042” has a criticism without following the expectations of many users. The same work is struggling on the evaluation surface as described above, and the player population in STeam continues to have a predicit, such as the number of daily peak players remained around 3,000 people (steamdb). In addition, the number of users who see about 220,000 people at the current number of articles in the online signature site Change.org have a number of users who climb about 220,000.

“Battlefield 2042” and developer EA / DICE in extremely severe situation. Can our same work can find the actual route? The next one ‘BattleField 2042’ update # 3.3 will be delivered in March.

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