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I was a child, so I am going to a new home and a new home appliance when I was familiar with TV rather than TV. The nose of the nose, which did not know anything, pointed to the biggest TV in the electronic store,

‘According to the size of the house, the TV size is determined, “and the words of the father’ s words’ was simply a” wealthy house, the higher the purchasing power “. Sleeping and dining the original room Two rooms on the house of three rooms, and visited or visited, and visited or visited, one formula was hidden by appropriate considering the city hall, viewing the city, and the image quality of the house.

But this is also an old word. The emergence of LCD and Plasma TV (PDP), OLED and QLED TV technology, with the high-definition era, so the super-type TV market has become a popularity. In addition, the consumption width has increased with a wide range of services such as PC, smart phone, tablet, console game machine, including movies, sports, and games, as well as a wide range of services such as PCs, smart phones, tablets, and console game machines. Depending on the greed, the TV size is a long time since it becomes the area of ​​the rigid cow.

It also has a lowered large TV threshold due to the decline of panel prices. The large TV market lasts a slowdown in the last year, and at a relatively low price, consumers have ever experienced a large display, and the ratio of pursuing ‘pigmentation’. Different TV sizes according to the size of the house, now the OK is the level of OK if you enter the TV according to the exaggeration.

As a result, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75-inch large and small lengths are popular, and in the community, the community can easily find a ‘win’ ‘winner’ like a 65-inch vs 75 inches. As well as a large company that we learn, SMEs are also realistic to meet the needs of consumers by jumping on this large monitor market. More Hamfover Gear UG651QLED IPS Smart HDR 2022H (UG651QLED) (UG651QLED) is also one of them.

■ Product Specification – Small and Medium Business. The specification is not small and medium.

TOP 5: Best Gaming TV 2021

  • Product Retail

  • Product Name: More Hammer Gear UG651QLED IPS Smart HDR 2022H

  • Type: TV Monitor / Flat

  • Monitor Size: 164cm / 65 type

  • Resolution and Maximum Rate: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) @ 120Hz

  • Panel Type: IPS RGB (BOE) / Quantum Dot COLOR

  • Subpixel and color depth: RGB / 1.07B (10bit)

  • Brightness: Up to 800CD / M2

  • Response Speed: 6ms (GTOG)

  • Size: 1447 × 906 × 306 (including stand / WXHXD)

  • Contrast ratio and viewing angle: 1400: 1/178 ° (H) / 178 ° (V)

  • Connectivity: HDMI 4EA (HDMI 2.1 48Gbps x 2EA / HDMI 2.0 x 2EA) / USB 2EA (3.0 + 2.0) / Antenna 1EA (ATSC) / LAN 1EA / EARPHONE / AUDIO OUTPUT 1EA / DIGITAL AUDIO OUT 1EA / AUDIO L / R 1EA / WiFi Dual Band (2.4GHz / 5GHz) / Bluetooth 5.0


  • Wall Mount: 400 x 200

  • Bezel Thickness: 5.42 / 5.42 / 14.3mm (Up / Side / Down)

  • Add-ons: WCG, MEMC, Smart TV, Google Assistant, Play Store, Web Browser, HDMI EARC, HDMI CEC, Built-in Woofer Speaker (18W * 2 + 25W), Flirer Free, Ambient Light Sensor, Built Microphone, gaming function, remote control

  • Price: 1,229,000 won (22.02.10 standard Internet shopping mall lowest price)

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