Champions League | Rangnick against Simeone: Who can continue?

Last exit Champions League – For Manchester United with Ralf Rangnick as well as for the “Eternal” Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid. Because the two European heavyweights waver in this season huge.

Simeone vs Rangnick | Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United Tactical Preview

Strapped in the league, sometimes miserably failed in the cup competitions – only the handpack is still tangible. The eighth final duel in the royal class is likely to become a key moment for the future of both coaches.

Rangnick is not contrary to the first leg on Wednesday despite two league lies in succession, the public criticism increased in the past few weeks.

Rather, German is a exit Championss director as a coach, etched United Icon Paul Scholes. “It’s Manchester United, who should have the best everywhere,” the 47-year-old emphasized “BT exit Championss”.

He does not count Rangnick. “I think he has trained a team in two of the last ten years. Do not understand me wrong, I like the man, I think he’s really good. But it looks like him in the last five Or six years of experience was missing as a coach, “said Scholes. Until the end of the season, Rangnick’s contract runs as a team manager, he himself showed quite interest at a longer time in this office.

Only a victory against Atletico helps Rangnick and Manchester United

“I do not think he gets the job at the end of the season,” the former United Player Gary Neuville judged. There are simply too many brand stoves at United.

Since the supposedly dwindling support from the also in the criticism superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as well as discussions about a deduction of Captain Harry Maguire.

For this purpose, the general exit Championsing situation – trembling around a Champions League square in the league and blaming in both trophies competitions.

Simeone lived through the heaviest time since service

Only with a triumph against Atletico, Rangnick may well make hope for a long-term future than team managers. Conversely, this applies on the other side but also for Simeone.

The Argentine has just lived through the heaviest time since its service in Madrid in December 2011. From the Master to the Wackelkandidate in the Champions League race, from the dreaded defensive bulwark to the shooting floor – the Rojiblanco crisp.

“You have to be self-critical and see the reality. Life is like football, it puts us with obstacles to the rehearsal,” Simeone said, and ghost and get up, we all are all “.

ex-coach of the FC Barcelona as a Simeone successor in conversation

Probably for the first time in his term of office in the Spanish press is already speculated about possible succession candidates such as Ernesto Valverde.

“We have not thought that Simeone will not be more coaches from Atletico Madrid,” said Vereit President Enrique Cerezo: “It would not be logically nor fair to look for another coach. We will have Simeone for a while.” In a victory against United and Rangnick probably anyway.

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