Destiny 2: What happened so far – the story of the Sci-Fi Universe in the story

As a newcomer, you need a small crash course in the extensive Sci-Fi Universe of Destiny 2 \ – or Veterans who want to return to franchise after a longer break? Here you are right: We have summarized the events of the seven years that have passed since Destiny’s release. In order not to burst up the framework of this article, we focus on the following pages on the essential cornerstones of the action.

Once a long time ago, in a not so far away galaxy…
The events that cause us to make the solar system unsafe as indestructible guardians and guardians already take many hundred years before inserting the actual gaming. In a non-far away from our current point of view, humanity observes the arrival of a spherical, several kilometers comprehensive extraterrestrial entity, which offers the traveler. The traveler starts shortly after joining our solar system, small moons and whole planets to terraforms. The Mercury lifesty Mercury is changed to a garden world, similar happens to Venus.

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    1. 1.1The collapse
    2. 1.2The birth of a hero
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1. 2.1The horror from the depths
2. 2.2The invasion of the redleled
3. 2.3The hunter, the desired dragon and the dreaming city
4. 2.4The game with the shadows

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3. Page 3 picture gallery too “Destiny 2: You have to know that to the story before you…

When the traveler reaches the Red Neighbor Planet of the Earth, people send a mission to produce the first contact. The contact marks the beginning of a golden age, in which humanity succeeds thanks to the help of the traveler a rapid technological leap after another. Scientists and military initially colonize the earth’s moon, then the Mars and the Venus. There they encounter ruins of an aliens civilization of cybernetic creatures, the Vex. With the realization not to be alone in the universe, the desire is growing to defend itself against extraterrestrial threats. The construction of planetary defense networks should ensure safety. At their heads, military kis, the so-called war spirits. Meanwhile, the traveler makes the planet Jupiter first, and then habitable his moons. But when he begins with the work at Jupitermond Io, dark shadows pull on the horizon.

The collapse

Rasputin turns off himself to preserve its integrity and leaves humanity to her fate. On earth, people beat their for the time being last battle against the darkness. When all the colonies are lost, the losses go to the billions and opposite the earthling their safe demise, the traveler brings a victim: in a final force, he banish the darkness from the solar system. With his last breath, he creates the ghosts – small mechanics that are to detect and revive those who are able to use the traveler’s light as a weapon. These warriors should now be known as guardians. The traveler then puts itself in a deep sleep.

The birth of a hero

In search of the mysterious black garden, the supposed home dimension of VEX, he travels Mars, Venus and the moon of the earth. During his mission, he not only encounters Vex and crowd, but also on the fallen, a farm organized in houses of Nomadian alien, as well as the cabal, a militarily organized warrior office. Allies he finds in the wakened descendants of the people who fled to the edge of the solar system before the darkness and there because of an unknown event mutated. The awakened Queen Mara Sov and her brother Uldren support the guardian by giving him access to the black garden where it succeeds in a small squad, to make the black heart corrupted from the darkness. The destruction of the time of darkness seems to have positive effects on the travelers, who slowly begins to regenerate on Earth.

Page 1 The Story of Destiny – Crash Course Page 1

Page 2 The Story of Destiny – Crash Course Page 2

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